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Subject: SLS: Part Seven -- Globalwarming or Globaloney (fwd)

>The Politics of Global Warming
>By Phil Brennan
>".... in December, the nations of the world will meet in Kyoto, Japan
>to negotiate a treaty mandating global CO2 emission reductions. The
>United States delegation will be the dominant voice in support of
>reducing emission levels. The economies of countries such as Norway
>and Australia would be devastated due to their dependence on fossil
>fuels. In the United States, the financial and political pressure to
>ratify such a treaty from environmentalists and free market opponents
>will be massive. " Sen. Malcolm Wallop
>A key document at the Kyoto meetings will be the recently released
>1995 report of the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
>Change (IPCC).
>Allegedly the result of many years of careful study by some of the
>world's top experts on global climate the paper will be one of the
>centerpieces of the Global Warming conference.
>The report to be presented at the conference is a corruption of the
>original that distorts its meaning. Key parts have been deliberately
>Says Dr. Frederick Seitz chairman of the George C. Marshall Institute:
>the report "is not the version that was approved by the contributing
>scientists listed on the title page."
>"In my more than 60 years as a member of the American scientific
>community, including service as president of both the National Academy
>of Sciences and the American Physical Society, I have never witnessed
>a more disturbing corruption of the peer-review process."
>According to Dr. Seitz, the pet theory of the global warming adherents
>-- that evil mankind is guilty of overheating the climate -- is
>anything but universal among scientists, a fact that was edited out of
>the report as it was issued.
>"No study to date has positively attributed all or part [of climate
>change] to anthropogenic (human] causes," he said.
>This vitally important clarification was removed from the report, he
>"Nearly all of [the changes] worked to remove hints of the skepticism
>with which many scientists regard claims that human activities are
>having a major impact on climate .... Nothing in the IPCC Rules
>permits anyone to change a scientific report after it has been
>accepted by the panel of scientific contributors and the full IPCC..."
>Seitz concludes with this withering blast: 
>"IPCC reports are often called the 'consensus' view. If they lead to
>carbon taxes and restraints on economic growth, they will have a major
>and almost certainly destructive impact on the economies of the world.
>Whatever the intent was of those who made these significant changes,
>their effect is to deceive policy makers and the public into believing
>that the scientific evidence shows human activities are causing global
>This one shocking display of the sheer dishonesty that marks the
>political drive to impose destructive "carbon taxes and restraints on
>economic growth" as Seitz put it, should warn the world that these
>would-be tyrants riding the wave of the global warming hysteria they
>have created simply cannot be trusted.It is vitally important that the
>significance of this incident not be overlooked: If human activities
>are not causing climate changes it follows that the blame for any such
>changes must fall squarely on the shoulders of Mother Nature. And the
>whole case for imposing drastic economic and political restrictions on
>the nations and peoples of the world collapses!
>Just what lies behind this scientific trickery?
>Earlier in this series, we quoted Dr. George Kaplan's assertion that
>the Global Warming theory could well be "the last stand of an arrant
>scientific ideology."
>What he wrote bears repeating here: "Such a hypothesis can be
>acceptable to some, but the obvious failing of the theory in the face
>of global catastrophe argues for a more substantial motivation.
>"It would pay to investigate this motivation further to consider
>whether politics has been responsive to poor science or whether
>economics and politics have made false tools out of science for narrow
>"If the latter is true the manipulation and subversion of the truth
>seeking apparatus by political and private interests is, in the
>present situation, of such extreme malevolence that it ranks as the
>greatest malfeasance in history. We are headed for a situation where
>mankind may be forced to confront the question of whether the
>political mode as we have known it over the past 8,000 years is
>innately incapable of dealing with serious problems."
>Although the media has ignored the shocking revelation of hanky panky
>at the IPCC, at least one journalist, Robert Samuelson has seen the
>global warming issue for what it is: "A gushing source of national
>The subversion of science to the cynical political interests of the
>Gores and Gorbachevs is explainable. That part of the scientific
>community that has embraced the idea of global warming and put the
>blame for it on mankind's' activities are simply falling in line with
>the current wisdom -- a dangerous thing to ignore when you work for
>the government or rely on government grants. Wrote Samuelson: "Hardly
>anyone wants to admit candidly the uncertainties of global warming.
>It's politically incorrect ... but it's political suicide to do
>anything serious about it." This is serious business, for more reasons
>than one. 
>To begin with, as we have seen, the most economically and poltically
>destructive measures are being justified by a flawed premise that
>mankind is busy screwing up the environment to the point that the
>world is in danger of being roasted like a suckling pig on a spit.
>Even more serious is the fact that all of the signs point to the
>impending onset of glaciation. And because the world is focusing on
>the specious idea of global warming, nothing is being done to prepare
>mankind for the disasters that lie immediately ahead.
>As we have seen, the climate changes we are witnessing are being
>brought on by a natural process which accompanies the end of an
>interglacial period. And that process is irreversible. Mother Nature
>is determined to have her way and nothing we can do will prevent her
>from going about the business of repairing the damage done to the
>planet by the demineralization of the earth's soil.
>Given that fact, governments should be concentrating on preparing for
>the cataclysm to come, not wasting their time and treasure fighting
>the will-o-the-wisp of global warming. Next week we'll conclude this
>report by looking closely at what we can expect as the interglacial
>comes to an end. 
>Part 8 is now online at: http://www.pacg.com/pvbr/
>for parts one through seven e-mail pvbr@gate.net

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