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Subject: SLS: Trouble for Clintonites, for Real 

>New York Daily News
>August 22, 1997
>Trouble For Clintonites, For Real 
>California businessman Johnny Chung has a $25,000 check
>and a story that could put members of the Clinton
>administration in jail. 
>Chung wrote the check, he says, to obtain a meeting 
>with former Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary. An Energy
>Department official collected it. Chung met O'Leary. 
>Instantly we have moved beyond the hazy charges and 
>righteous denials about whether the Clinton administration 
>unethically raised campaign contributions. 
>This is not even a campaign finance issue, with its 
>hairsplitting distinctions that allow politicians to
>argue they have broken no laws as they pocket checks 
>without limit. 
>"You don't need to know anything  about 'soft money' 
>and why it's different from 'hard money,' " says a 
>Republican congressional staffer. "This is very simple. 
>It's bribery to get access." 
>Chung told NBC's Tom Brockaw he made out the check to 
>Africare, one of O'Leary's favorite charities, at the 
>suggestion of a lobbyist and an Energy Department 
>In addition, he said, the official who picked up the 
>check also collected an official fax that had been
>improperly sent. 
>"That's possible obstruction of justice," says Rep. 
>Gerald Solomon (R-N.Y.), who demanded yesterday
>that an independent counsel investigate O'Leary - 
>and by extension all the Clinton administration's 
>fund-raising practices. 
>Solomon is so sure the Republicans at last have a 
>solid case against the Clinton administration that 
>he is willing to make a stunning deal. 
>"I would go so far as to close down the House and 
>Senate investigations [headed by Republican Rep. 
>Dan Burton of Indiana and Republican Sen. Fred
>Thompson of Tennessee] if Janet Reno agrees to 
>an independent counsel," he said. 
>"The two congressional committees are tainted by 
>partisan politics. An independent counsel would be 
>least partisan of all." 
>Not necessarily. Kenneth Starr, the bumbling Whitewater 
>investigator, has given independent counsels a bad name. 
>Just last month, Federal Judge Thomas Eisele, a Republican
>appointee, wrote in a scathing analysis of Starr's intention 
>to work for a school funded by right-wing financier Richard 
>Mellon Scaife: "It is difficult to argue that Mr. Starr is
>not laboring under at least an appearance of conflict." 
>But what Solomon wants is another counsel named by the 
>same three-judge panel that selected Starr. 
>That panel is headed by Judge David Sentelle, a Republican
>appointee with a weird definition of independent: "Independence . . .
>has always been universally understood as independence from
>the administration under investigation, not independence
>from the entire American political system." 
>Under Sentelle's definition, an "independent" counsel could be 
>a Republican hatchet man, so long as he was independent of the
>Democrats he investigated. 
>But Starr's plight shows the dangers of the partisan approach.
>Anything he does against the Clintons can be dismissed as
>partisanship; any failure to mprosecute is magnified into a
>cleaner bill of health than they deserve. 
>The Clinton administration has managed to elude its pursuers 
>for so long because its opponents have constantly overplayed 
>their hand. They have tried to make major-league cases out 
>of the bush-league transgressions of Whitewater, the White 
>House travel office, personnel files - even the Lincoln 
>Now Johnny Chung has handed them evidence they can take to
>All the Republicans have to do is play this one perfectly 
>straight. Let the Justice Department prosecute.

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