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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLF: "Missing" children photos at IRS office

Dearest Dot,

We have a confidential witness who
is prepared to testify that some
2,500 children are now unaccounted for!

The Child Protective Services ("CPS") 
program in Arizona just got a HUGE increase
in their operating budget from the 
Arizona Legislature.  I vaguely remember
something like an INCREASE of $40 million,
on top of their already enormous operating

It was all over the front pages of the
local newspapers, like "The Arizona Republic"

You KNOW, all those additional kids did
not appear in the Arizona Senate Chambers
one day.  

But, their RECORDS sure did!

Those are PHONY records, Dot!!

This is a massive murder racket, and the
FBI is perpetrating it, by luring homeless
and runaway kids from their points of origin 
-- the inner cities all across America.

Now you know why they want me out of the way!

This could mean the death penalty for quite
a few government people, both state and
federal.  So, WATCH YOUR BACK!!!


/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 12:51 PM 8/22/97 -0400, you wrote:
>The "Missing Children's" photos really got to me.  There ARE so many
>missing children that it really makes you wonder about things.
>If there is ANY possibility that the SALE of these organs is happening, 
>then I feel that a FULL-SCALE PROTEST and a Congressional
>investigation into the sale of organs should be conducted.
>I overheard a remark at a hospital (I was visiting a new baby and his
>mother) about how many transplants were being done now.  It used
>to be a very rare thing - now it is commonplace.  Where DO they get
>all of these organs from?
>Dot Bibee

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As agents of the Most High, we came here to establish justice.  We shall
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