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Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 11:56:31 -0700
To: Jim Ormond <jimo@astea.com>
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Conspiracy Theorists Invade College (fwd)
References: <>

At 12:33 PM 8/22/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Paul,
>1)  The pictures of the "tramps" show THREE "hobos" not two.

Thanks.  Now that you mention it, there
were 3, not 2.  I was thinking 2, because
I recall that 2 were identified by 
Mark Lane, but the third was not.  

I could be entirely wrong about this
identification question, however.

Lane would be the kind of investigator
who would have identified all 3, so I am
not doing him justice here.

>2)  Why wouldn't he hand the rifle DIRECTLY to his assistant on the LEFT??

Good question.  I don't know, for sure.

If he was supporting  the barrel with his
left hand, that makes more sense, doesn't it?

I am, admittedly, not an expert on ALL of 
these details, but it seems that we are 
now very VERY close to solving this crime,
once and for all.

I am not a firearms expert;  far from it.
I have only rarely touched a gun.

>    Do you have knowledge that the scenario you described 
>    actually happened??

A good place to start is "Best Evidence,"
which did a unique job of tracing the
chain of possession.  It is clear to me,
after reading all of that book  (twice), that JFK's
head was sectioned BEFORE the authopsy at
Bethesda Naval Hospital;  there is even
an FBI report which author David Lifton
uncovered, in which 2 FBI agents (the ONLY
two civilians at that autopsy) admitted
that the head had been "sectioned" (i.e.
cut with scalpels).  The autopsy surgeon
admitted to having burned his first set
of notes.  Any autopsy surgeon would 
see exactly what the FBI had reported:

The head had been hit with scalpels 
BEFORE they unzipped the body bag on the
autopsy table.

Now, here is my theory:  the origin of the
head wound would have been easy to trace,
by examining the exact extent of the
damages to JFK's cranium.  You may recall,
there is even a photo of an FBI agent,
at the press conference at Parkland Memorial
Hospital in Dallas, showing this agent
pointing his right index finger to his
right temple area; in other words, this
is where the fatal bullet entered JFK's
cranium.  Using modern forensics, that would
have pointed directly to the grassy knoll,
so, this "best evidence" had to be altered,
to throw everyone off the track, which is
exactly what happened, by design.  In forensics,
experts refer to the evidence on a dead body
as the "best evidence".

If I were to be accused of shooting you in the
stomach, but there is no stomach wound, then
I am innocent of that charge.

JFK's body did NOT come off Air Force One
on national television, with Jackie Kennedy
climbing into that hydraulic cargo truck
which was raised to meet JFK's casket.

The body was in a grey metal casket
which made its way into a non-descript
Navy ambulance, to be hurried to the
unknown location where the DOA surgery
was performed, PRIOR TO the autopsy.

Lifton's evidence is overwhelming proof
that this actually did happen;  where,
we are still not sure.  

I am not an eyewitness, only a motivated
Citizen who has been following the progress
of the research, on and off, ever since 
"Rush to Judgment" and "Plausible Denial."

I was waiting for my Geometry teacher to
come into the classroom in high school.
Father Brennan was NEVER late;  but, that
morning, he was VERY late.  When he arrived,
he was as white as a sheet, and we all went
into shock when he told us what had just
happened.  Many of us loved Jack Kennedy,
in our own way.  Like so many other Americans,
I remember exactly the moment when I learned
of the assassination, and I have never been
the same since that terrible moment.  


Please forgive me for expressing so much emotion,
but the same desire to solve that crime has 
also motivated me to solve an even larger crime;
and that much larger crime is the federal income
tax, as presently administered by the "Internal
Revenue Service" [sic].

I will not rest, until and unless they are totally
dismantled.  This is my mission now.  It used to
be "Mission Impossible," but I would be the last
one to say that, after all we have accomplished
in the past 7 years.  They are beginning to break
up fast, and I now realize there is a reason why
I am still alive:  I am obviously getting help,
and it is not from a terrestrial source.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>Just got done reading your book, Federal Zone ..., which is an 
>incredible work.  Is John Trumane your pen name?  Any idea how many 
>people have purchased/read your book?

Thank you.  It was put up on the Internet
without permission of the author, and 
we have received maybe 5 to 10 shareware
donations, total, since 1992.

>Any statistics on the number of people that are "dropping out" of the 
>FRB/IRS system?

It is escalating;  hard numbers are
impossible to obtain.  Last I heard,
it was up to 1-in-5, and accelerating.

If you read Gilbertson's OPENING BRIEF,
in the Supreme Law Library ("SLL"), you will
begin to appreciate how far we have 
come in busting the IRS extortion racket,
and we are doing it with lots of very
positive repercussions, such as our recent
work decoding Title 28.  This is very
VERY exciting progress we have to report.
Please tell your friends about all the
documents in SLL;  a whole lot more are
coming.  Gilbertson's case is only one of
30 we are now loading into that library.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>Have you heard of Peter Kershaw from Heal Our Land?  He offers a Common 
>Law course.  Would you recommend it?  What is the best way to learn the 
>Law, in your opinion?

Read.  Read.  And read some more!

Then, when you have done this much
reading, read some more still.

We now manage a 10 gigabyte text

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>How about Dave Miller and his "Citizen In Party" idea?  Have you heard of 

One of his followers heard that we had
filed Gilbertson's OPENING BRIEF at
the 8th Circuit in St. Louis, but he
never asked how to obtain a copy.  Then,
we scanned the Appellees' Brief, and
offered to email it to people, on request
only.  So, this follower requested the
U.S. Brief, without first reading the

Why would anybody do that?

The Appellees' Brief makes no sense, unless
you know to what they are responding.

When I asked this follower why he had done
such a thing, his answer was totally lame, imho.

I am keeping my distance from Miller, for
reasons I am not at liberty to disclose.
The incident I just described is just one
of many like this.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>Paul, I realize that your time is very valuable.  I intend to purchase 
>additional copies of your book to lend or give as gifts.  I will also make 
>a donation(s) for responding to my questions.

Just enroll in the Supreme Law School:

$10/month, declining for additional
months prepaid.  See the Supreme Law Firm's
home page at URL:


The SLS registration forms can be reached
by clicking on the Supreme Law School in 
the left margin of the home page.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>Thanks, Jim.
>On Fri, 22 Aug 1997, Paul Andrew Mitchell wrote:
>> ->  SearchNet's   SNETNEWS   Mailing List
>> It doesn't require mental retardation,
>> or genetic defects, to understand what
>> is happening in the Zapruder Film,
>> at the precise moment JFK's head was blown
>> to pieces.  Abraham Zapruder captured the
>> "Polaroid Woman," a lady standing
>> across the street from him, pointing right
>> at the President's car, as a high-velocity
>> bullet left the rifle of "Badge Man"
>> standing behind the picket fence at the
>> top of the grassy knoll.  Her one photo
>> was snapped within one second of the 
>> fatal shot, and she has Badge Man on
>> film, no hat, wearing a Dallas Police
>> uniform and badge, with two assistants,
>> one on either side.  
>> Here is my explanation:
>> Badge Man is a trained assassin, imported
>> from far away, very skilled in single-shot
>> hits, using a very precise hunting rifle,
>> with powerful scope.  He squeezes off the
>> shot, hands the rifle to the assistant
>> on his right, who then hands him a Dallas
>> Police hat, while the assistant on the left
>> takes the rifle and disposes of it.  
>> As Dallas Police converge rapidly on the
>> scene, Badge Man tells them he has the
>> area covered, and there is nobody there.
>> Meanwhile, the assistants are heading for
>> a moving boxcar passing through the railway
>> yard, behind the grassy knoll.  Dallas Police
>> converge on the train, stop it, search it,
>> and find two "hobos" in newly laundered
>> clothes and recently shined shoes.  These
>> "hobos" are marched through Dealey Plaza,
>> where many photographs are taken of them,
>> with their police "escort."  The testimony
>> in Hunt v. Liberty Lobby, defended by 
>> famous author and attorney Mark Lane, indicates
>> that two of these hobos may have been E. Howard
>> Hunt and Frank Sturgess, of Watergate infamy.
>> There, that wasn't so bad, was it?
>> An animated sequence of key frames from
>> the Zapruder Film is now available on the
>> Internet.  Polaroid Woman is clearly visible
>> in this sequence, although the version of
>> the Internet animation which I saw, did not
>> draw any attention to her.  I have since 
>> contacted the webmaster of that site, and
>> he agrees that Polaroid Woman is clearly
>> visible, raising her camera to click off
>> what has to be THE most important single
>> photo ever taken of JFK's murder scene.
>> /s/ Paul Mitchell
>> http://www.supremelaw.com
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>> > 
>> >              Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 10  Num. 89
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>> >                     ("Quid coniuratio est?")
>> > 
>> > 
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>> >
>> >=================================================================
>> >Four Dangerous Minds Said To Be Planning Invasion Of Small School
>> >-----------------------------------------------------------------
>> >                          Panic Sets In!
>> >                          --------------
>> >    Gerald Posner and "Chip" Berlet Help "Circle the Wagons!"
>> >    ---------------------------------------------------------
>> >                   Will YOUR College Be Next!?
>> >                   ---------------------------
>> >
>> >An article in the  Los  Angeles  Times,  dated  August  21,  1997
>> >("Community College Course Claims JFK Conspiracy"), warns readers
>> >of  an  apparent  stealthy  attack planned by certain "conspiracy
>> >theorists" on an idyllic community  college.   Said to be part of
>> >the invasion were SHERMAN SKOLNICK, a telephone-addicted mutterer
>> >on supposed dark plots, DAVE EMORY,  who  spreads  his  seductive
>> >ideas  via  small radio stations, JOHN JUDGE, a local Washington,
>> >DC character, and MICHAEL COLLINS PIPER, sometime scribbler for a
>> >fringe newspaper.
>> >
>> >The ever-alert L.A.  Times  warns  that  the  South Orange County
>> >Community College District "has approved a course that  claims  a
>> >conspiracy  was  behind  the  assassination  of President John F.
>> >Kennedy  and  has  committed  $5,000  for  flying  in  four guest
>> >speakers..."
>> >
>> >Rushing to guard against such conspiracy  ideas  being  discussed
>> >on,  of  all  places,  a  college campus, was the Anti-Defamation
>> >League (ADL), which may have been  correct in accusing ONE of the
>> >four invited speakers, Mr. Piper, of anti-Semitism.   From  there
>> >it  was  just  a short hop-skip-and-a-jump to the conclusion that
>> >"if one speaker is anti-Semitic,  others must also be."  At least
>> >that is what the  L.A.  Times  article  directly  states  in  its
>> >headline,  "SOME  scheduled  speakers  contend  [JFK] killing was
>> >planned by Israel."
>> >
>> >Although too-trusting Americans may  wonder  how such as SKOLNICK
>> >(himself  an  orthodox Jew), EMORY (a well-respected anti-fascist
>> >researcher),   and   JUDGE   (a   tireless  investigator  of  CIA
>> >skullduggery) could possibly be "anti-Semitic," Gerald Posner (an
>> >"Oswald  did  it"  stalwart)   and   John  Foster  "Chip"  Berlet
>> >(described as an "examiner of authoritarian thinking") were quick
>> >to stomp out the question.   Regarding the fevered thinkers about
>> >to shamble onto campus, Posner exclaimed that he was "aghast"  at
>> >hearing  of  the  planned  course.  He added that a conference on
>> >conspiracies behind  the  Kennedy  assassination  strikes him "as
>> >similar to the notion that  the  Holocaust  was  a  hoax."   John
>> >Foster  Berlet,  named  after  beloved State Department personage
>> >John Foster Dulles, on hearing of the sneaky thought-crime attack
>> >on the hallowed  halls  of  academe,  exclaimed,  "Oh, get out of
>> >here!"
>> >
>> >Others were not so kind regarding the  planned  invasion  of  the
>> >Hallowed  Halls  of Correct Thought.  "All of this is out-and-out
>> >anti-Semitism,"  fumed  Cheryl  Altman  of  Saddleback  Community
>> >College.  Roy Bauer,  a  philosophy  instructor  at Irvine Valley
>> >Community College, called the invited  guests  "crackpots."   And
>> >Joyce Greenspan of the ADL darkly warned that some of the planned
>> >speakers  write for the feared "extremist organizations."  (Since
>> >Skolnick writes for Conspiracy  Nation, among other publications,
>> >the inference is clear:   CONSPIRACY  NATION  ITSELF  MAY  BE  AN
>> >
>> >This editor has learned that a  puzzled  Sherman  Skolnick  never
>> >made  a  definite  committment to attend the proposed conference.
>> >Reportedly, John Judge  had  never  even  been  formally asked to
>> >attend.  Emory and Piper could not be reached for comment  as  we
>> >go to press. 
>> >
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