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>Eric Margolis  21 August 1997
>NEW YORK - Presented with yet more evidence that laundered Asian
>money had bought influence with the White House and Democratic
>Party, President Clinton put on his Earnest-Concerned Look
>#2, and told the press that this news made him, `sick at
>The elegant Claude Raines played it much better as the
>French police chief in `Casablanca.' When informed gambling
>was going on in `Rick's Bar,' his eyes widened in innocent
>astonishment. `I am shocked, deeply shocked,' said Raines -
>as he pocketed his winnings.
>Each week brings new revelations about Asiagate. So many
>shady oriental gentlemen visited the President, the Oval
>Office must have resembled an old Charlie Chan movie set.
>Vice President Al Gore got caught accepting laundered
>Taiwanese money from a bunch of Buddhist monks. A 
>mysterious Mr Woo of Macau - since vanished up the Yangtze- 
>hand-carried Red Chinese money to the White House. An Asian-
>American restaurant owner pal of Clinton delivered more illegal
>Chinese money along with bo-bo balls and fried rice.. 
>Republicans are flaming with moral outrage over Asiagate. 
>They accuse Democrats of taking outright Chinese bribes, and
>bending American policy to benefit of Beijing. Some hint
>darkly of espionage.
>The Republican-led congressional investigation of 1996
>campaign financing has uncovered a torrent of smelly,
>domestic and foreign  contributions to Democrats. But, so
>far, no smoking gun.  The wily Clintons have always
>obscured their iffy financial and political dealings behind
>an impenetrable legal fog created by their retinue of sharp
>Asiagate makes highly entertaining, often comic, political
>theater. And it shows politicians always manage to surpass 
>themselves in hypocrisy and selective indignation.
>Of course China was trying to buy influence in Washington, 
>from money-hungry Democrats. So do other nations.  Beijing's
>campaign got exposed because it was so ham-handed and inept.
>Taiwan has been discreetly paying of Republicans for the past 40
>years, but discreetly, and with tact. .
>While indignant Republicans fulminated against China, and 
>investigated the role of Beijing and Asian-American groups
>in the 1996 campaign, not a single legislator made a peep
>about the foreign nation with the most potent influence over
>US politics and policy, Israel. 
>In the same 1996 election, pro-Israel groups, coordinated by the
>American Israel Public Affairs Committee, an arm of of the
>Israeli government,  made  $2.7 million in direct contributions
>to senators and congressmen. , as well as large amounts of `soft'
>money and media support to candidates. As a result of these
>efforts, Israel gets US $3-5 billion in official and covert
>US aid each year - over 50% of the total US foreign aid for
>the entire world - and a virtual veto over US Mideast
>Compared to the skilled Israelis, the Chinese are clumsy
>beginners when it comes to making money talk in Washington.
>Next comes the rich, powerful Greek and Armenian lobbies. They
>have exerted a strongly negative influence on US
>policy towards Turkey.  But you'll never hear a single
>congressman dare complain about untoward  foreign influence
>from Israel, Greece or Armenia.    
>Nor will you hear American legislators, who are so indignant
>about Chinese meddling in US politics, ever raise the issue
>about American meddling in other nation's politics. 
>For example: CIA's  secret funding of  Italy's ruling
>Christian Democrats from 1945-1994, and outright buying
>votes in southern Italy and Sicily.  Or Washington's
>financing of key members of Japan's long-ruling Liberal
>Democrats, or of leaders and parties in South Korea, India,
>Pakistan and SE Asia.
>American money has influenced elections all over Central and
>Latin America, and West Indies.  The rulers of Morocco,
>Tunisia, Egypt, and  Jordan all receive secret stipends from
>Washington. The same congressmen who denounce China's
>meddling in Washington recently voted money to finance the
>armed overthrow of Saddam Hussein and the government of
>Why shouldn't China join the fun?  Where is it written that
>only Washington  has the right to buy other country's
>copyright  eric margolis  1997

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