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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLF: MEMO to Frank G. Long and John Oppedahl

>Subject: MEMO to Frank G. Long and John Oppedahl
>Charles R. Pixley, Sui Juris, federal witness
>Citizen of New York state c/o General Delivery at:
>4810 Saint Paul Boulevard, Rochester, NEW YORK STATE
>(716) 544 2288 tel:    (716) 544 1838  facsimile
>John Oppedahl, CEO, 		Frank G. Long, 
>Phoenix Newspapers, Inc.	Morrison & Hecker,		
>c/o P.O.B. 1950		L.L.P., Attorneys at Law 	
>Phoenix 85004-1047/tdc		2800 North Central Avenue,
>ARIZONA STATE			Suite 1600			
>				Phoenix, 85001/tdc		
>				tel: (602) 279-1600
>				fax: (602) 240-6925
>NOTICE:  PLEASE STOP throwing Stones, Glass Houses in Area!
>Dear Mr. Oppedahl:
>Please excuse my intrusion.  However, I must address you at this time. 
>I am in the unfortunate position of being in the middle of what could
>become a messy struggle, and it gives me no pleasure to write this
>I am a frequent guest on the National Talk Show Circuit, and have been
>hosted on over 250 Local and National Shows, as well as on main stream
>I am a "federal witness" involved in a dispute and one client who has
>secured the services of teacher, and counselor, Paul Andrew Mitchell.    
>I require the un-divided attention of my chosen counselor at this
>immediate time.  Your actions are preventing that.  
>It would be most appreciated if you would allow a minimum (90) ninety
>days of time to settle this matter under friendly and considerate terms.
>If the Republic of Arizona state Herself were to apply the same pressure
>tactics to Phoenix Newspapers, Inc., as is being applied to Paul Andrew
>Mitchell, would that be appreciated?
>I can testify to the fact that Mr. Mitchell has NEVER used the words
>"Arizona Republic" in anything other than his address. 
>Moreover, He has never demonstrated to me verbally, or in any written
>document, a need to be compensated for same, nor drawn attention to the
>words in any way.
>In fact, the question has never come up, nor have I even Noticed the
>words "Arizona Republic" in his mailings until this odd behavior on the
>part of your business concern and your trademark attorney. 
>Your company might consider how much royalty is due to Mr. Mitchell. 
>Perhaps, now that I am aware that there is "The Arizona Republic" [sic],
>I might be inclined to buy a copy.
>It would seem to me, after careful consideration, that to resolve this
>asinine dispute, all Phoenix Newspapers, Inc. would have to do is reveal
>a copy of the Certificate of Registered Trademark and thusly your true
>claim to "Arizona Republic" demonstrating beyond a shadow of a doubt
>that this logo IS yours!  That shall settle the matter once and for all,
>wouldn't it?.
>What will your competition and readers opinion be, I wonder, of your
>choice to attack a poor, overworked, underpaid teacher and counselor,
>for demonstrating, a Love for His country and the state He lives in,
>more than Life.
>Do you mean to say that the children of The Arizona Republic state will
>be told that they can never use the words "Arizona Republic?"
>"People who live in glass houses should not throw stones"  
>Is REVELATION OF TRUTH the overriding principle in EVERY WORD in EVERY
>one of your Newspaper's published articles?
>Most businesses love attention drawn to their logo.  The business tactic
>demonstrated to me by your actions to date are antithetical to sane and
>sound business practice.  
>I am fully aware of my Fundamental Rights and the protections afforded
>me under Title 18 U.S.C., 1512 and 1513 and the Sixth Amendment as well
>as the oft forgotten First Amendment.
>It would be appreciated if you would take my needs into consideration,
>while you and Paul arbitrate this matter in an amicable way; it would be
>a great service to each of our concerns.
>Finally, I am sure Mr. Long does NOT work for the same level of
>compensation as Paul does, so it would be a whole lot less costly for
>Boards of Directors and Stockholders care a little more about the bottom
>line, than do the readers.
>Thank you for your kind consideration and prompt remedy.
>Sincerely yours, 
>Dated:  August 22, 1997
> /s/ Charles Pixley
>Charles R. Pixley, Sui Juris
>Citizen of New York state, federal witness
>(expressly not a citizen of the United States)
>All Rights Reserved without Prejudice

Paul Andrew Mitchell                 : Counselor at Law, federal witness
B.A., Political Science, UCLA;  M.S., Public Administration, U.C. Irvine

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As agents of the Most High, we came here to establish justice.  We shall
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