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Subject: SLS: Conspiracy Theorists Invade College (fwd) [corrected]

Arlen Specter was on the Warren Commission
staff, and he is now the U.S. Senator from
Pennsylvania.  Go figure!  The Zapruder frames
which they swapped are so obvious, when you
see the uncut Zapruder original.  They play
it over and over and over in the movie JFK.

You need a trained eye, but you can see the
cloud of atomized blood blow right into the
path of the motorcycle cop, escorting the
limousine to the left rear.  The President's
head snapped back and towards the left rear,
when he was already leaning forward,
trying to get wind through his collapsed
windpipe (the tracheae).

Remember, the first shots to hit him, 
did so in the neck, which made it impossible
for him to breathe.  Jackie can be seen leaning     [was "breath"]
over to comfort him and to find out what was wrong.
But, he could not even talk to her, to explain.     [was "not talk"]

Then, CRACK!!  His head exploded all over Jackie's
blouse.  She can be seen climbing out of the car,
evidently to recover parts of his brain;  it was
instinct that was driving her behavior at that
moment, because the shock would have been just
too great to comprehend, at that precise moment.

It was a terrible tragedy, for her, her children,
and for the whole nation.  If I were a U.S.
Senator, I would stand up at the podium and
denounce my esteemed colleague from Pennsylvania, for
being an accessory to murder in the first degree.    [was "for accessory"]
And then let the chips fall where they may.

Federal lawmakers cannot be prosecuted for anything
they say in front of the Congress;  this prohibition
is written into the Constitution.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 11:40 PM 8/22/97 -0400, you wrote:
>In a message dated 8/22/97 9:20:13 PM, you wrote:
><<40 calibers (then!), versus muzzle velocity of 
>.3006 deer rifles (then).  That answers your question
>completely, I believe.>>
>*** Well, I wish we could look at it together sometime.  It amazes me that
>people actually colluded to plan and carry out this thing and then continue
>to this day afterward to create confusion on it.

Frauds always expand to cover the people involved,
and that expansion is very difficult to contain,
until and unless the core is identified and
prosecuted.  Imagine the furor that would result
if Specter were indicted for being an accessory
to murder after the fact?  It would bring the
U.S. Senate building down, in a pile of rubble.

Just read "Best Evidence" and you will see what
I mean about the number and rank of the people
involved.  Warren was the Chief Justice, for 
goodness' sake!  In the movie JFK, Jim Garrison
actually plays Warren.  What a crazy world, 
isn't it?

This was cold blooded murder in the first degree,
and for that, these people would be facing the
death penalty.  In Texas, where the crime was
committed, that means the electric chair.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

  It's my understanding that
>many of the people that were close the limosine have been murdered.

I wasn't aware of that.  I don't doubt it
for a moment.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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