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Subject: SLF: "Missing" children photos at IRS office
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Subject:  SLF: "Missing" children photos at IRS office

>It was not a good day for the conspiracy
>in Tucson, my friend.  I hand-delivered the
>criminal complaint to DOJ and to the Arizona
>AG's office.  As I headed back towards
>my car from the AG's office, I had to 
>walk right in front of the IRS office.
>So, since I had an envelope for one of
>the accused already in my briefcase, 
>rather than mail it, I hand-delivered it
>to their public counter.
>Metal detectors are always fun for me,
>because the metal support in these shoes
>I got, as a gift, always sets off the
>court metal detector.  So, I use it as a
>chance to joke with the guard, and 
>take bets whether or not the shoes
>will give me away, once again.  This 
>time, however, their detector did not
>pick up the shoes, even though the
>Superior Court detector does so 
>every time.  Does this say anything,
>or not?  Probably not.  Read on:
>After clearing the X-ray machine and
>putting my buckle back on, a free standing
>marquis caught my attention:  it had the
>photos of 7 or 8 young children, ages
>5 to 8, or so.  Each had been photographed
>like a WANTED poster, and each had the
>words "MISSING" over their heads.  Each child
>a unique beauty, now gone, probably forever.
>After what you told me, I grew steadily
>more angry.  Here, in the downtown federal
>building in Tucson, they have the gall to
>make it look like they do care so much [sic]
>for the children.  But, of course, it is
>all a big deception, like the IRS itself.
>These photos were proof positive to me
>that there were people in that building
>who knew full well what had likely happened 
>to those little people.  
>"What will you give for a nice new liver
>donation?  $50,000?  How about $75,000?
>We will be happy to lien on your life
>insurance, or your stock portfolio.
>You get the money, and we'll get the
>organ.  When do you need it?"
>Or something like that ...
>I went from there, to the Post Office,
>where all the counter clerks know me
>very well by now.  I went to the far
>end, where smiling Rosie was working
>today.  She always asks what's going on,
>so I told her.  This cold, clammy look
>came over her normally bright face, and 
>then I began to weep, dropping my head into
>my hands, as I told her the conspiracy is
>harvesting healthy organs from kidnapped 
>children, right after killing them.
>Rosie let me stand there, as the rest
>of the Post Office became suddenly 
>quiet and still, as I shed my tears, out loud,
>onto her clean and well ordered counter.
>We fumbled together with stamps and money
>orders and envelopes and receipts and did
>absolutely everything wrong.
>I even went out the "in", and heard Rick's
>voice reminding me about the other door.  
>He was the only one saying anything, at that 
>particular moment.
>It was not a good day for the conspiracy.
>/s/ Paul Mitchell
>At 07:09 PM 8/21/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>The Attorney stated that any more letters to the Publisher would be
>>taken as Harassment, but what about the News Desk of the competition?
>>Think they would love to hear about a scam or patent attorney kick some
>>poor teacher around, because he signed his letters with Arizona Republic?
>>How asinine!
>>Just moving a little slow on this today, that's all. My nature is to jump
>>into the ring and kick ass, but I guess I am maturing, or something.
>>I WILL do anything I can, to help you, Paul!
>>I agreed to call him, but I want to be sure of my tenor and statement;
>>perhaps a letter from me, the "Federal Witness," would carry more weight,
>>but of course then they have a piece of evidence too?  What do you

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