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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in toolbar]
Subject: SLS: Form 2678: authorization to withhold

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____________________                    Cert Mail #P xxx xxx xxx
____________________                    Return Receipt Requested
____________________                    Dated:

                       NOTICE and DEMAND

Dear Sir:

     This letter  is  to  establish  that  you  have  the  proper
authority to  act as  a fiduciary  for the federal government and
its alter ego, the Internal Revenue Service.

     According to  Internal Revenue  Code Sec.  3504, you  as  an
"employer" must  be authorized  as an agent to withhold any money
from anyone's paycheck, especially without a court order.   


     "In case  a  fiduciary,  agent,  or  other  person  has  the
     control, receipt,  custody, or disposal of or pays the wages
     of an  employee or  group of  employees, employed  by one or
     more employers,  the Secretary, under regulations prescribed
     by him, is authorized to designate such fiduciary, agent, or
     other person  to  perform  such  acts  as  are  required  of
     employers under this title ..."

     Since you  have been taking funds out of my paycheck without
my permission,  and without  a legal  court order, I must presume
that you  have a  copy on  file of a properly executed Form 2678,
Employer Appointment  of Agent,  in  which  you  as  an  employer
requested to  be appointed  as such  agent.  This form authorizes
you as  a fiduciary  of the  Internal Revenue Service to withhold
any money.  If you  have not  requested any such form or you have
have not  been appointed  as an agent with fiduciary authority to
withhold, then  any withholding  that is  done, or  has been done
without my permission, is completely unlawful.

     Please provide  me with  a copy  of your  executed Form 2678
within ten  (10) calendar days of the receipt of this letter.  If
I do  not receive  a copy  of this  executed Form or satisfactory
evidence that  you do,  in fact, have such a Form on file, I will
take that  to mean  that such  Form is not in your possession and
that you have not been appointed as an agent;  therefore you must
immediately stop taking unauthorized funds from my paycheck.

     Please send  all  correspondence  to  the  mailing  location
below, in  the envelope provided.  Any correspondence that is not
addressed as  shown below  and not in the enclosed enveloped will
be returned unopened as proof of your bad faith in this matter.

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Jeff Millerski

Jeff Millerski, Sui Juris
c/o General Delivery
Marietta [zip code exempt]
Georgia state

All Rights Reserved

enclosure:  Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope


Be sure the SASE has $2.90 in prepaid U.S. postage on it, also a
Priority Mail sticker (available at Post Office), and an address
label with your mailing location as shown above.  Make several
copies of this envelope before posting it, attaching one to the
above letter and keeping the rest for your files.  The $2.90 buys
you 2 whole pounds of mail, so the receipient(s) will have no
excuse not to use it.  Their failure to use it, or their attempt
to address mail to "Marietta, GA zip" will constitute prima facie
evidence of their "bad faith" in this matter.

Good luck!

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell

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Paul Andrew Mitchell                 : Counselor at Law, federal witness
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