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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Gulf War Syndrome ("GWS")

Also, from a "political" point of view,
about which I do know some things,
it makes very little difference to me
whether the GI's were injected here, or
flown into a place where the stuff
was blown into their faces, or dropped
on their heads, over there.

The net effects were the same, overall.

If you don't believe there are people 
in this world who are motivated to 
destroy America, please think again.

Biologicals would be a very "effective"
way of doing this, without "nuking" the
whole landscape.


We also have a cancer industry in this country, 
in case you have not noticed same. By "industry",
I mean an organized racket which is designed
to drain your wallet, and then you die, but
not before.

It's just like the transplant "industry."
Lots of profits in that little program.
When you are dying of a liver disease,
do you want a working liver, or a good one?
One is $50,000, the other is $75,000.
You get the money, we'll get the liver.

See my point?  

Read the Holy Bible:
we may be feeding farm animals with
flesh and bone -- the human kind.

It is no wonder that the Lord Most High
is so angry with America:  we allow this
continue, day after day.

"An ounce of prevention is worth ..."

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>Paul Mitchell,
>   This may be more complicate than it appears and you need to be careful not
>to go down the wrong paths here.
>   There were vaccines that the DOD says contain only alum as the ajuvant.
> There are some issues of Squalene detected in the blood tests---which is
>another type ajuvant in the latest research.
>   This squalene response can be generated by the body when the immune
>response is challenged by toxic agents in the Gulf which includes, chemical,
>biological, and nuclear warfare agents.  Some of these things affected out
>soldiers by the Pentagon generals own stupidity-----like air blowing up
>nuclear reactors and using DU everywhere and not protecting folks well
>   All the Gulf War symptomology falls into the immune type diseases which
>involve gene/DNA toxic issues which affect the cellular health and the
>heartiness of the furure cells due to nuclear damage issues in the blood stem
>cells of the bones.
>    These immune dysfunction effects allow more virus and bacteria to exist
>in the body and also for persons with immune dysfunction to be more
>suscceptable to diseases.
>   It is very common to see may affected with the Mycloplasma Incognetis
>viral inside the cells.  This comes about because the cells DNA/genes have
>been compromized by nuclear damage effects so the antibodies generated are
>not effective at controlling the virals in the body.   This allows more
>virals the live in the body and produce ammonia like waste products that
>seriously damage the nerve systems as they tend to get into the myelin
>   Squalene is an antobody like response due to a serious toxic challenge to
>the body.  It is also used in AIDS research because it relates to immune
>dysfunction issues.  There have been long term nuclear toxic damage issues
>from the cold war production and releases that have allowed this to happen in
>the general population.  The primary immune dysfunction driver is Strontium
>90 via the blood stem cell DNA/gene damage issues.  Sr-90 is a teratogenic
>nuclear toxin that has been causing AIDS issues for some time----the gulf
>vets were exposed to increased levels of these nuclear toxins as a result of
>a careless air war that blew up four nuclear reactors in Iraq and these have
>extreme toxicity and downwind ranges.
>   The gulf vets have some immune toxic destruction issues where their
>antibody responses do match the HIV antibody response---this is because the
>toxic damage and toxic immune responses are similar.  Toxic induced AIDS
>issues that weaken the immune response so virus get out of balance in the
>body  and even so that even HIV is transmissable are the causations.  HIV and
>viral issues are brough on by exactly the same effects as the effects driving
>the gulf vet illness issues.
>   I would advise learning the real issues and the total system before you
>broadcast things that may not have the full issues represented.  Take time to
>study the full issues---then go after the correct ones.  There is a cover up
>of the real damage scinerio.
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