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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
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Subject: SLS: "The ZIP Code Issue," by Howard Freeman

I could speak for 40 hours about S-A-P
mythologies, but I won't.  Instead,
I will be loading the proof into the
Supreme Law Library ("SLL"), where it is more
accessible to everyone, in the privacy
of your living rooms.  For those who
need to know, the SLL is at URL:


We have just recently received funding
for a rapid increase in the number of
documents available there -- mostly
pleadings which I have written for
some 30 or so cases to date.  Our 
webmaster is also a rocket scientist,
so it will take time.  All good things
do come in time.

One area of research which we have not
been funded to conduct, has to do with
the difference between general delivery
(destination: post office), and curbside
delivery (destination: some street & number).
Remember this:  the USPS is a "domestic"
[federal zone] corporation, just like the
Union Pacific Railroad Company, which 
Frank Brushaber sued in Brushaber v.
UPRR.  See Treasury Decision 2313 for
the all important results, as provided
by the U.S. Treasury Department (NOT the
Department of the Treasury).

We now are developing a legal theory which
has, as its central hypothesis, the tenet that
by creating a domestic corporation, Congress
could authorize the USPS to sell bonds, in 
order to raise revenue.  The bond holders
were given liens on future postal revenues.
Guess who purchased those bonds?  Answer: FRB!  

Now, here's the B-I-G one:  if we do a linear
regression on the changes in first class
postage, and we compare the regression 
coefficients against a linear regression of
the Consumer Price Index ("CPI") over the same 
period of time, I am expecting that the changes 
in first class postage rates have increased FASTER
than the CPI, proving, once again, that we
USPS customers are frogs in a sauce pan,
getting boiled slowly.  Are YOU boiling yet?
I am!

We got very close in the Kemp case, because
we were closing in, after attempting to 
remove his marijuana case into federal court.
When the USPS delayed my retainer, because
Kemp had not used a ZIP code, we claimed
that he had been deprived of effective
assistance of counsel, because counsel
could not begin working, until the retainer
had been received.  This was, admittedly,
a relatively "slight" connection, but the
connection was there, nevertheless, and
that is all we ever need in law.

Perhaps S-A-P is itching for a challenge or
two, and maybe a full-blown confrontation,
right here on the Internet.  I would welcome
such an event, speaking only for myself.

I cannot imagine a federal (feudal?) government,
bent on enslaving the entire population, deciding
to ignore the post office as a legal nexus to
aid and abet such a criminal purpose.  You will
note that Kemp surrendered himself to county jail,
stiffed me for almost $2,000 for the work which
I and Dale Robertson did on his Habeas Corpus, 
and now refuses to talk to me at all.  His pleadings 
will soon be in the SLL.  

Please stand by.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>Yes it will a 6 hour video.  Let me know if you want one.
>> At 09:09 PM 8/28/97 -0400, you wrote:
>> >please, LISTEN LOUD and CLEAR FOLKS:
>> >
>> >
>> >        MAIL, no NEW "juristiction" PERIOD !  No "mysterious" contract. 
>> >        What you have heard is simply DISINFO intentional or not it is
>> >        DISINFO, sand in our engines. Believe in these sorts of things and
>> >        you only encourage acceptance and someday possibly REAL
>> >        implementation.
>> >
>> >	ANYONE who suggests otherwise is simply deceived or deceiving or
>> >        simply incorrect.
>> >	
>> >        know, who has time for fiction. please excuse all the caps.
>> >
>> >		please, thanks
>> >
>> >	Anyone who would like an audio cassette 
>> >	dispelling this myth and other
>> >        "PATRIOT" myths, please drop me 
>> >	a line and I will get one right out
>> >        to you.    ralph@TeamInfinity.com
>> Ralph,
>> I am concerned by your assertion that it is a 'bogus theory' considering
>> that Behold (Wangrud) and Team Law (Madsen) are successfully getting cases
>> thrown out of court by showing that they are not 'residents' of the
>> OREGON, (or OF COLORADO), but are Citizens of Oregon state or of the
>> Colorado republic, and standing on 'special appearance'. Neither of these
>> guys or their organizations can be _paid_ any amount of money to use a zip
>> code. Madsen's address says: "c/o general delivery, street address, City,
>> Colorado republic, near ZIPCODE".
>> Also, I have seen correspondence from the IRS which uses not a 9 digit zip
>> code (to your house), but a 12 digit zip code (TO ATTACH TO YOU???).
What gives?
>> I agree that this is not a 'silver bullet', but the evidence suggests that
>> Wangrud's Law Martial jurisdiction based on the 10 federal regions, and
>> Madsen's parallel are _somehow_ working to free Americans. There has to be
>> some kind of truth to this. We have to find out what this truth is.
>> Brooks showed that for first class mail, zips are voluntary, this is true,
>> you can see it in the regs. Paul posted the 'commercial benefit' fom Howard
>> Freeman. Companies engaged in interstate commerce (via non first class
>> can be 'regulated' (taxed). Maybe the use of the zip makes you a
>> entity' and subject to the law merchant. Maybe it co-opts you into a
>> military jurisdiction. I do not what 'the truth' of this matter is. But
>> _something_ is quite obviously true. I suggest that we work together and
>> find out what it is.
>> I already have your 'dead arguments never die' tape. I know that soon you
>> are having another 'patriot mythology' session, which I would like to
>> attend, but cannot. Will a tape of this be available soon?
>> With respect,
>> Brad Barnhill
>> ========================================================
>> Brad Barnhill
>> e:bradbva@chv.mindspring.com
>> ========================================================
>> "The government which steps out of the ranks of the 
>> ordinary articles of consumption to select and lay under
>> disproportionate burdens a particular one because it is 
>> a comfort, pleasing to the taste or necessary to the 
>> health and will therefore be bought, is in that 
>> particular a tyranny."
>>            --Thomas Jefferson to Samuel Smith, 1823.
>>              http://pages.prodigy.com/jefferson_quotes/
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