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Subject: SLS: Gulf War Syndrome ("GWS")

I can't spread the "whole story" because
I don't know the "whole story" and I probably
never will.

I am not claiming to know "all the issues" 
with any degree of accuracy, particularly
one which is already fraught with so many
lies.  My special areas of expertise are being
published openly in the Supreme Law Library.
You will note that there are no articles
there about GWS, and there probably won't be,
unless we invite guest authorities to 
contribute.  I have no plans to dilute my
efforts by jumping into this subject as well,
but I do feel it is a moral obligation to
keep the question before us, namely, are we
under biological attack already?  I say "yes".
Contact Lt. Col. Bo Gritz for confirmation.
I have a transcript of a lecture he gave to
St. Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco, if that
would help.  It is a bit dated, but he makes
his points, quite well, I might add.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 04:59 AM 8/30/97 -0400, you wrote:
>->  SearchNet's   SNETNEWS   Mailing List
>   I would be the first to agree the American People have been had and are
>being held captive by the system.
>   I would also say you have to state the issues correctly and accurately in
>the Gulf War arena illnesses in order to focus on the problems and not the
>detractions.  I was cautioning you cause your incomplete presentation
>detracts from the full issues----which by the way i you study what I said
>proves your points on the illnesses, cancers, organ transplants, and etc.
> The causes for these trace back to nuclear releases and gene damage issues
>that were allowed to happen by our own government and its nuclear programs.
> The nuclear industry has always been damaging and the medial industries for
>cancer, organ transpants grew right along with it ---- as a sort of parasitic
>   I would also agree that this industry in built with the bones and lives of
>hundreds of thousands of persons.
>   Tracing the correct issues get us to the real culprets and the issues to
>force the fixes to be done.  Isolate the bad boys and turn up the
>heat----that is why the more complete description.  Yes, it happened in the
>war----but how is very important to the cures and treatments as well as
>ending the cover ups.
>   Currently, the issues you speak of relate to genetic damage issues to
>various cell systems in the body.  Blood cells are very important to keeping
>the body cleaned up, nourished, and virses in check via the immune response.
> Radition damages these responses when the problem occurrs in the blood stem
>cells.  AIDS is a genetic inheritance of bad genes or genes damage issues
>encountered in life.   HIV is just another virus that come along with many
>others when the immune response in damaged.  The immune response also relates
>to the cancer and organ damage issues.
>   SO, if everybody get the correct information ---then the damage tracks
>directly to government programs and cover ups and they owe everyone remedy
>for the damages-------it could mean a nationalized free health care program
>as a corrective response.
>   Think ahead sir, think correctly, think accurately, and think BIG.
>   SO, I agree with most all you said and this is how it happened----so think
>about it and go spread the whole story.

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