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Subject: SLS: Kangaroo Attitudes: Results?
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The Guarantee Clause does not require
the United States (federal government)
to guarantee a Republican Form of 
Government to itself -- only to the
several states.  See Art. IV, Sec. 4.

In Downes v. Bidwell, 1901, the Supreme
Court ruled, in effect, that the 
Constitution of the United States, as such,
does not extend beyond the limits of the
states which are united by, and under, it.

Justice Harlan, dissenting in Downes, predicted 
that Congress would implement an absolute
legislative democracy [sic].  That is, in fact,
exactly what has happened.

Later, in Hooven & Allison v. Evatt, 1945,
the Supreme Court extended this Downes Doctrine
[sic] by ruling that the guarantees of the
Constitution extend to the federal zone ONLY
as Congress makes those guarantees applicable,
by statutes. 

Confer at "United States" in Black's Law Dictionary,
Sixth Edition, for the correct citation to Hooven.

These themes are well documented in Gilbertson's
OPENING BRIEF, now in the Supreme Law Library
at the URL just below my name here.  Several
of the Appendices are available there as well.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

copy:  Supreme Law School

At 10:41 AM 8/30/97 +0000, you wrote:
>*Jus Dare*
>Kangaroo Attitudes: Results?
>From:             Freedom Fighter <frdmftr@primenet.com>
>Subject:          Constitutional issues prohibited!
>I have heard on many, many occasions that defendants in criminal court
>actions are unable to defend themselves effectively because the
>presiding judge states that raising constitutional issues and claiming
>constitutional rights will not be tolerated in his court.
>I claim my right to be secure from the jurisdiction of any court
>judge, federal or otherwise, who refuses to allow constitutional
>issues, including but not limited to my claim to any right, to be
>raised in his court.  This judicial attitude is utter crap and must
>not be allowed to continue.  It is itself grounds for appeal.
>That being said, can anyone offer any explanation or legal background
>for this judicial prohibition of the U.S. Constitution in the courts? 
>Has anyone appealed this kangaroo court attitude?  What were the
>Donald L. Cline, a.k.a.
>Freedom Fighter <frdmftr@primenet.com>
>If the Federal Government will not recognize, after
>the year 2005, any personal identification not bear-
>ing a digitized fingerprint and/or other digitized
>information of a private nature, perhaps the people
>of America, who are the rightful and lawful masters
>of government, should stop recognizing the Federal
>     -- Donald L. Cline, 7/23/97
>If individuals have no right to keep and bear arms,
>then society cannot defend the right of free speech
>or free press or any other right against the mere
>whim of any superior force.  (Media, take note.)
>     -- Donald L. Cline, 7/27/97
>I'll be your huckleberry.
>      -- Doc Holliday, 1851-1887
>All private e-mail should be encrypted.  If we want
>the right to privacy, we have to exercise it.

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