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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Under the Underpinnings (fwd)

I do believe we have identified one structural
"flaw," if you will, in the U.S. Constitution,
and that is a Guarantee Clause which does not
impose a Republican Form of Government on the
United States (federal government).  

A proposal to expand that guarantee could form an
excellent platform to widen our debate -- to embrace 
the obvious corruptions which have invaded our courts,
not the least of which is this "fiction" -- that we
are under martial rule, and the courts are merely
tax collectors for the foreign banks.  I have tried,
in numerous pleadings, to move the judges back to
"center," i.e. neutrality with respect to the issues
which we bring to them, but as long as they are 
paying taxes on their judicial compensation, I don't
think we are going to make very much progress.

The case of Lord v. Kelley explains the all important
reasons why such neutrality is impossible, for all
practical purposes, as long as federal judges have
a gun to their heads.  It is, after all, an extortion
racket which we are fighting, on top of all the other
descriptive terms which aptly could be applied to what 
is now happening to America.  The foreign banks have
the gun in one hand, and a ton of money in the other.
Such a "deal" is quite difficult for any judge to 

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>*Jus Dare*
>Under the Underpinnings
>From: Freedom Fighter <frdmftr@primenet.com>
>Subject: Re: [Jus Dare] Preposterous
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>>*Jus Dare*
>>From: "Harold Thomas" <harold@halcyon.com>
>>Subject: Re: [Jus Dare] Kangaroo Attitudes: Results?
>>I have heard a number of "explanation" for how the courts do this or
>>that or don't allow this or that.  I have been utterly unconvinced by
>>all of them.  I believe the courts do what they do because they know
>>there aren't enough people being outraged to create any real threat.
>>Where there are no remedies, there are no rights.  Where there is no
>>willingness to risk life and limb in the defense of rights, there
>>will be only the "rights and remedies" the Establishment condescends
>>to allow.
>>The idea that constitutional protections and one's rights may not be
>>raised at any time in any court is utterly preposterous and based
>>totally on intimidation, in my view.
>Ultimately I believe you are absolutely correct; intimidation is the
>operative tool.  However, to "justify" the intimidation there must be rules,
>rulings, decisions, _something_ the intimidators can point to when
>challenged in order to forestall, at least temporarily, being slapped down
>summarily for their unauthorized and illegal intimidation.  When you find
>those things, and especially if you get them to admit them, then the real
>work can begin to reveal the falsity of those underpinnings and stop the
>intimidators and right the wrong that is being done.
>Donald L. Cline
>Freedom Fighter <frdmftr@primenet.com>
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