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>From: Harold Thomas <harold@halcyon.com>
>Subject: Department of the Treasury - United States Code, Title 31, 
>Chapter 3
>Department of the Treasury,
>To whom it may concern:
>I was browsing your page on the Internet and noticed that the U.S.
>Department of the Treasury is shown to include the Internal Revenue
>Service, the BATF, FINCEN and the Federal Law Enforcement Training
>Center.  In reviewing the United States Code, Title 31, Chapter 3,
>"Department of the Treasury - Organization", I do not find any mention
>of the Internal Revenue Service or the other aforementioned
>This is rather puzzling.  It is hard to imagine that these important
>organizations have been overlooked in the United States Code.  Do these
>organizations, apparently missing from Title 31, Chapter 3, actually
>come under some other Department of the United States government?
>Further confusing the issue, Title 31 USC 308 says, "The section is
>included to provide in subchapter I of chapter 3 of the revised title a
>complete list of the organizational units established by law that are in
>the Department of the Treasury or are subject to the direction and
>supervision of the Secretary of the Treasury."  Odd, indeed!  Certainly
>the "United States Customs Service" is not the only "organizational unit
>..." to which this sentence refers.  However, a reasonable
>interpretation of this sentence would be that "the section ..." (308)
>was revised to insure that Subchapter I "Organization" would in fact
>provide the "complete list" referred to.
>Title 31 USC, Chapter 3, is titled "Department of the Treasury".  As I
>do find most of the organizations which are listed on your Web page
>(Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Bureau of the Mint, Office of the
>Comptroller of the Currency, United States Customs Service, etc.)
>correspondingly listed in Title 31 USC, Chapter 3, I must assume that
>the words "Department of the Treasury" shown in that USC chapter heading
>denote the same department of the United States Government as the "U.S.
>Department of the Treasury" shown on the title line of your Web pages.
>If this is not entirely correct, please help me understand any
>differences between the two "departments".
>I cannot seem to locate the missing bureaus, agencies or organizations
>in any other organizational listing for any Department of the United
>States Government anywhere in the United States Code.  Would you please
>check with whomever has constructed your Web pages and have them
>investigate this apparent inconsistency?
>Also, perhaps you could check with the Congressional Research Service
>and ask them to locate the Internal Revenue Service, as well as these
>other organizations in the appropriate section of the United States
>Code, detailing the organization under whatever Department of the United
>States Government they are actually found.
>I realize this may be a bit of work, but I cannot imagine that such a
>discrepancy between the written law of the United States and its
>published organizational charts should be left unresolved.  It seems
>clear from your Web pages that the U.S. Department of the Treasury is
>functioning as if the Internal Revenue Service and the other agencies
>mentioned above all fall within its organizational structure.
>Thank you in advance for your assistance.
>Kind regards,
>Harold Thomas
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