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Subject: SLF: Brushaber case was in DCUS!! (details)

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Excerpt from Chapter 2 of "The Federal Zone: Cracking the Code
of Internal Revenue" now follows:

[begin excerpt]

     Understanding the  status of  the parties  to the  Brushaber
case is  essential to  understanding both  the outcome,  and  the
Treasury Decision  which followed  soon after the Supreme Court's
landmark ruling  in the  case.   Frank  R.  Brushaber  filed  his
original Bill of Complaint on March 13, 1914, within a year after
Philander C.  Knox declared  the 16th Amendment to be the supreme
Law of  the Land.  Addressing the judges of the District Court of  <--!!!
the  United  States  for  the  Southern  District  of  New  York,  <--!!!
Brushaber began his complaint as follows:

     Frank R. Brushaber, a citizen of the State of New York and a
     resident of  the Borough  of Brooklyn,  in the  City of  New
     York, brings  this his  bill against  Union Pacific Railroad
     Company, a  corporation and  citizen of  the State  of Utah,
     having its  executive office  and a place of business in the
     Borough of  Manhattan, in  the City  of New  York,  and  the
     Southern District  of New  York, in  his own  behalf and  on
     behalf of  any and  all of the stockholders of the defendant
     Union  Pacific   Railroad  Company   who  may  join  in  the
     prosecution and contribute to the expenses of this suit.

                                                 [emphasis added]

     Right from  the beginning, Frank Brushaber made an important
statement of  fact which  remained unchallenged at every level in
the federal  courts.   He identified  himself as a citizen of the
State of  New York  and a resident of the Borough of Brooklyn, in
the City  of New  York.  He did not identify himself as a "United
States** citizen"  or as a "resident of the United States**".  He
indicated that he lived and worked in New York State, outside the
District of  Columbia and  outside any  territory, possession  or
enclave controlled  by  the  Congress  of  the  United  States**.
"Enclaves" are  areas within  the 50  States which are "ceded" to
Congress by the acts of State Legislatures (e.g. military bases).

[end of excerpt]

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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