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Subject: SLF: Brushaber case was in DCUS!! (details)

>Subject: SLF: Brushaber case was in DCUS!! (details)
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>Excerpt from Chapter 2 of "The Federal Zone: Cracking the Code
>of Internal Revenue" now follows:
>[begin excerpt]
>     Understanding the  status of  the parties  to the  Brushaber
>case is  essential to  understanding both  the outcome,  and  the
>Treasury Decision  which followed  soon after the Supreme Court's
>landmark ruling  in the  case.   Frank  R.  Brushaber  filed  his
>original Bill of Complaint on March 13, 1914, within a year after
>Philander C.  Knox declared  the 16th Amendment to be the supreme
>Law of  the Land.  Addressing the judges of the District Court of  <--!!!
>the  United  States  for  the  Southern  District  of  New  York,  <--!!!
>Brushaber began his complaint as follows:
>     Frank R. Brushaber, a citizen of the State of New York and a
>     resident of  the Borough  of Brooklyn,  in the  City of  New
>     York, brings  this his  bill against  Union Pacific Railroad
>     Company, a  corporation and  citizen of  the State  of Utah,
>     having its  executive office  and a place of business in the
>     Borough of  Manhattan, in  the City  of New  York,  and  the
>     Southern District  of New  York, in  his own  behalf and  on
>     behalf of  any and  all of the stockholders of the defendant
>     Union  Pacific   Railroad  Company   who  may  join  in  the
>     prosecution and contribute to the expenses of this suit.
>                                                 [emphasis added]
>     Right from  the beginning, Frank Brushaber made an important
>statement of  fact which  remained unchallenged at every level in
>the federal  courts.   He identified  himself as a citizen of the
>State of  New York  and a resident of the Borough of Brooklyn, in
>the City  of New  York.  He did not identify himself as a "United
>States** citizen"  or as a "resident of the United States**".  He
>indicated that he lived and worked in New York State, outside the
>District of  Columbia and  outside any  territory, possession  or
>enclave controlled  by  the  Congress  of  the  United  States**.
>"Enclaves" are  areas within  the 50  States which are "ceded" to
>Congress by the acts of State Legislatures (e.g. military bases).
>[end of excerpt]
>/s/ Paul Mitchell
>p.s.  For details, read "Karma and the Federal Courts"
>in the Supreme Law Library, at the URL just below my
>name here.

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