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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: free mail delivery a federal benefit?
References: <08kD08q9BoTO091yn@valint.net>

The hypothesis is that you pay to have the
mail delivered to the post office, and it
is free from that point, to the curb side.

This would be a municipal benefit of a 
municipal corporation which is subject to
the municipal law of the federal government,
which is not protected by the Guarantee 
Clause.  For proof, notice the registered
trademark notices on various USPS symbols.

"Internal" means "municipal".  This much
we HAVE proven already!

It's a Municipal Revenue Code, administered
by a Municipal Revenue Service.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 06:39 AM 9/4/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Come on guys and gals, it is NOT free home delivery, what the heck do you
>think STAMPS are for ?  Are they free ?  This is like saying when someone
>calls YOU on the phone long distance [or otherwise] that you are receiving
>the call for FREE, when OBVIOUSLY it is not free, the person making the call
>PAID FOR IT ! Duhh ! Or if someone sends you flowers, the FTD dude did not
>deliver it for FREE, the sender PAID him to bring them by your house.  How
>ever did you all even begin to regard mail delivery FREE ?  A government
>BENEFIT ?! The USPO is also quasi NON-government and recieves NO tax monies
>! Now if you are going to argue that up to the post office it is paid for
>and that the extra distance to your house is "FREE", could you explain what
>makes you think such a distinction is in the law, and how the "GOVERNMENT"
>is providing this "extra" effort, and that even though the post USPO pays
>for itself with stamps etc, ie no taxes or subsidies, including the "extra"
>distance to your house, that this can be considered a Gov Bene ? I guess
>along these lines being allowed to breath could be argued to be a Government
>BENEFIT.  Same with being able to live, therefore all taxable, right ?
>> Tue, 2 Sep 97 Charles Marcus <csharp@mindspring.com> wrote:
>> >One thing to understand, Ralph, is that the GOVERNMENTALLY
>> >'rural free delivery') of your postal matter, you do not
>> >create a CONTRACT situation per se, but you DO cause
>> >yourself to be placed in the situation of receiving a
>> >free government benefit, and changing your status from
>> >one of domicile to 'resident'...something, incidentally,
>> >for which the ~government CAN ASK SOMETHING IN RETURN.
>> Charles, can you develop this concept of free home delivery as
>> benefit a little further?  I hadn't thought of this as being a
>> benefit before.
>> Any history or statutes to point out?
>> Still working on character here, prior to reputation.
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