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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Article 3 judges?

Upon receipt of a Certificate of Necessity
from a Circuit Court judge, the Chief Justice
is authorized to fill temporary vacancies 
on the DCUS, or any other federal court, 
for that matter.

Since Congress has specifically defined the Court 
of International Trade to be an Article III court,
in USA v. Wallen we filed a demand that 
the C.J. select a candidate from that Court,
for temporary duty on the DCUS in Arizona.

It was at that precise moment that our petition
to the Ninth Circuit for a Writ of Mandamus,
compelling the submission of a Certificate of
Necessity to the Chief Justice, was actively
obstructed by cohorts of M. Elizabeth Broderick,
who was, I believe, working as a "front" woman
for the DOJ property conversion racket being run 
out of the federal building in downtown Los Angeles.

One of those cohorts had worked his way into
my living room, where he threatened my life
12 times, the day I informed him of my decision
to testify against M. Elizabeth Broderick --
for stamping her commercial liens with a
rubber stamp which reads: "U S CRIMINAL COURT".
Her Arizona cohort had brazenly given me a
telephone number for this court, in Washington, D.C.,
no less!  When I called the number, they answered,

  "Hello.  Corporation Counsel.  
  "Department of Justice.
  "May I help you?"

All of these documents will soon be loaded into
the Supreme Law Library, where we can all have
a good look at them.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 11:38 AM 9/4/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Mr. Mitchell,
>	I know you are busy, Please forgive for taking up your time here.
>Question; if there are no true Article 3 Judges to sit in an Article 3
>court, then how does one expect to get into that jurisdiction? Who or what
>has the athority to create an true Article 3 Judge? Could this be the
>stumbling block?
>						Respectfully 
>				             	   Max Dent

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