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Subject: SLS: meaning of "national" and other matters

At 03:45 PM 9/5/97 -0500, you wrote:
>just received your ltr today and must say i am confused by the computer
>brochures and the brevity of your note.


I am getting inundated with all kinds
of email and regular mail.  Can you
rewind to that point for me, if you don't
mind?  I am sending out HP brochures,
because I regard the package to be a 
very good starter machine for serious
Internet users.  HP's technical support
is consistently ranked tops, so this 
would relieve me of the need to provide
computer support, when I am not getting
paid for it.  My time is better spent on
the legal research, because the payoff
for the nation is so much greater.

 i will read the case you
>highlighted; but would sincerely like to hear from someone that has made
>it clear of the feds without serving time. 

I have been up before several federal judges,
as a litigant, and as a counsel.  I have not
ever been charged with a crime, even though
I had one judge threaten me with prison
if I did not appear for an IRS summons.
So, you have now heard from "someone who has
made it clear of the feds without serving
time."  Where do we go now, in this dialogue,
you and I?

there has to be someone that
>will share their experiences without being paranoid.

I am loading into the Supreme Law Library
EVERY SINGLE PLEADING which I have already
filed, on my own behalf, or on behalf of
clients who have, in almost all cases, 
signified their acceptance of the work by
signing and filing these pleadings.  Their
signatures will be shown as follows:

   /s/ John E. Trumane

If a signature line does not exhibit this
type of "signature," then they did not 
sign the pleading in question.  Our webmaster
is hard at work designing and preparing the
massive number of files (almost 500).  It is
just going to take time;  we are also actively
soliciting financial support for the webmaster,
who is being paid at his standard professional
rate, because he deserves it.  He is good, and
has earned his right to charge what he does.

I am not paranoid, although I do admit that 
there was a long period in my life when I was
paralyzed with fear.  With God's help and
a willing heart, He pulled me out of that
terrible paralysis, so I do give credit
Where credit is due.

>i do have a technical question about "nationals" but will post it for

The term is defined by federal statutes,
whereas the Qualifications Clauses are
in the Constitution, and have been since
the year 1788.  Congress cannot amend the
U.S. Constitution;  only the several states
can do so, by a three-fourths vote.  So, 
you are on much firmer ground by claiming
a status which is recognized in the Qualifications
Clauses at 1:2:2, 1:3:3, and 2:1:5.  These 
Clauses have never been amended, although a
recent attempt did fail.  This matter is 
covered in some detail in Gilbertson's

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>thank you and good luck,  bill

You are very welcome.  Thanks to you also
for your continuing support.  It means
so very much to all of Us who have been
working so hard to make progress with 
the massive fraud which has been perpetrated
upon the entire American Population.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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