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Subject: SLS: Clearfield Doctrine

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     I strongly  advise you  to read the case of Clearfield Trust
Company  v.  United  States,   concerning  the  "status"  of  any
government that uses private commercial paper as its "money".  It
is herein included for pass on:

     Governments  descend   to  the   level  of  a  mere  private
     corporation and  take on  the character  of a  mere  private
     citizen [where  private corporate  commercial paper {Federal
     Reserve Notes}  are concerned]  ....   For purposes of suit,
     such corporations  and individuals are regarded as an entity
     entirely separate from government.

        [Clearfield Trust Company v. United States, 318 U.S. 363]
                                                 [emphasis added]

                         [Bank of United States v. Planters Bank,
                             9 Wheaton (22 U.S.) 904, 6 L.Ed. 24]

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