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>.c The Associated Press
>      ``I see God in every human being. When I wash the leper's wounds
>I feel I am nursing the Lord himself. Is it not a beautiful
>experience?'' - 1974 interview.
>      ``The poor give us much more than we give them. They're such
>strong people, living day to day with no food. And they never
>curse, never complain. We don't have to give them pity or sympathy.
>We have so much to learn from them.'' - 1977 interview.
>      ``I choose the poverty of our poor people. But I am grateful to
>receive it (the Nobel) in the name of the hungry, the naked, the
>homeless, of the crippled, of the blind, of the lepers, of all
>those people who feel unwanted, unloved, uncared for throughout
>society, people that have become a burden to the society and are
>shunned by everyone.'' - Accepting the Nobel Peace Prize, 1979.
>      ``I have never been in a war before, but I have seen famine and
>death. I was asking (myself) what do they feel when they do this? I
>don't understand it. They are all children of God. Why do they do
>it. I don't understand.'' - Beirut, 1982, during fighting between
>the Israeli army and Palestinian guerrillas.
>      Abortion ``is murder in the womb ... A child is a gift of God.
>If you do not want him, give him to me.''
>      ``In time, they will start killing grown-up people, disabled
>people and so on.'' - On abortion.
>      ``When I see waste here, I feel angry on the inside. I don't
>approve of myself getting angry. But it's something you can't help
>after seeing Ethiopia.'' - Washington, 1984.
>      ``God will find another person, more humble, more devoted, more
>obedient to him, and the society will go on.'' - Calcutta 1989,
>after announcing her intention to retire.
>      ``I was expecting to be free, but God has his own plans.
>      ``Please choose the way of peace... In the short term there may
>be winners and losers in this war that we all dread. But that never
>can, nor never will justify the suffering, pain and loss of life
>your weapons will cause.'' - Letter to George Bush and Saddam
>Hussein, January 1991.
>      ``The other day I dreamed that I was at the gates of heaven. And
>St. Peter said, `Go back to Earth, there are no slums up here.
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