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Subject: SLS: separate Preamble to Bill of Rights


"The conventions of a number of the States
 having at the time of their adopting the
 Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to
 prevent misconstruction or abuse of its
 powers, that further declaratory and restric-
 tive clauses should be added;  And as 
 extending the ground of public confidence
 in the Government, will best insure the
 beneficient ends of its institution."

At 09:18 PM 9/6/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Paul, Yes please send it.
>Hi Steve,
>I am responding to a message which you
>posted at the Supreme Law Forum.
>Are you aware that the Bill of Rights
>is frequently published without its
>own preamble?  This is a separate preamble
>from the main Preamble which precedes the
>U.S. Constitution.
>I have the text, if you would like it here.
>RSVP, and keep up the good work.
>/s/ Paul Mitchell

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