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Subject: SLS: Interesting citations on Tax / Income Tax (fwd)

Hello Bob,

The proper way to do this is to call
the Clerk's office, and ask them to
phone or write you with a quote
for the copying and mailing costs.
Their standard rate is $0.50 per page,
I believe.

We have the computer equipment here,
and I am sure we can find the volunteers
to do the scanning & OCR work.  We are just
tight on funds, and would appreciate
it very much if you could pass the
hat and do the leg work.

Many thanks!!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

copy: Supreme Law School

At 10:20 AM 9/7/97 -0400, you wrote:
>How much would it take Mr. Mitchell?
>I also have a scanner and OCR software and would
>be willing to make an electronic copy.
>Drop me a line.
>Bob Silvetz, M.D. non-practicing
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>Subject: 	L&J: SLS: Interesting citations on Tax / Income Tax (fwd)
>See #51.  
>Would someone donate the funds
>necessary to purchase a certified
>copy of the entire case file?
>/s/ Paul Mitchell
>>51.  The IRS cannot sue anyone and they are
>>     not a branch of the Federal government.
>>     See:
>>          U.S. v. SYLVESTER A. ZIEBATH & RUSEL
>>          J. JAGIM, CR 90-50040, WD US

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