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Subject: SLS: Keyes Issues Letter To Moral Conservatives (fwd)

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>From: David Quackenbush <davidq@SoCA.com>
>Subject: Keyes Issues Letter To Moral Conservatives
>Ambassador Alan Keyes today issued the following
>letter to moral conservatives, urging them to
>support the "Keyes 2000 Program" of the Keyes 2000
>Following the letter is a text copy of the
>petition and pledge form we are distributing
>throughout the country.  Please forward the letter
>and pledge form to those you think will be
>To join the "Keyes 2000 Program" after reading
>this appeal, please print, fill out, and return
>the pledge form to the address it contains.  You
>may also send e-mail to davidq@SoCA.com.
>Thank you for your support.
>Dear friend,
>In 1996, the Keyes Campaign provided a voice for
>hundreds of thousands of Americans who understand
>that the questions we face are fundamentally moral
>ones, and that politicians who are obsessed with
>money are unfit to lead this nation back to
>greatness.  We proclaimed across the country the
>American truth, expressed in our great Declaration
>of Independence -- that our rights come from God,
>and that we will never solve the problems our
>country faces until we once again acknowledge His
>The Keyes campaign made it clear that America
>doesn't have money problems -- America has moral
>This message ignited a fire among grass roots
>Americans wherever it was heard, and with a very
>late start and little money we achieved greater
>success than the political professionals and
>pundits said was possible.  Ironically, because we
>did not have the tens of millions of dollars that
>the establishment candidates had, we were unable
>to break through the media boycott of our
>campaign.  You might say that the Keyes campaign
>didn't have moral problems, we had money problems!
>But our goal was to raise a banner of principle,
>and this we did accomplish -- in no small part
>because of the thousands of dedicated people at
>the grass roots who gave of their time and money
>to keep me traveling around the country, and to
>get my name on the ballot.
>Still, at critical moments like the New Hampshire
>Primary, we were left with no money even to buy
>radio ads to get our message out.  According to
>CNN's poll, anyone who actually saw the primary
>debate believed I won.  Unfortunately, we had no
>way to really broadcast our message to the public
>at large.
>Many Americans have come to me in the months since
>then, and urged me in the strongest terms to
>consider running again in 2000.  I have to say
>that it does seem that the need will be as great
>or greater next time for a campaign based on
>America's founding principles -- because these
>principles alone can provide solutions to the
>important problems we now face as a people.  But
>when I look around at the people being touted as
>"front-runners" for the Republican nomination, I
>don't see anybody who is likely to run such a
>campaign.  The duty may very well fall to us once
>If there is to be a Keyes 2000 campaign, however,
>one thing will have to be different this time. We
>must be able to put our message before the whole
>country effectively or we will give our liberal
>opponents an excuse to say that the message of
>moral renewal is not supported by grass roots
>Americans.  Our whole cause could be discredited
>if we try again and fail.  This time, we have to
>go all the way.
>That means we must begin now to lay the foundation
>for a presidential campaign that does our message
>proud.  I have discussed this matter with my
>advisors, and we have concluded that the minimum
>goal we must set - to be sure we do not discredit
>our cause - is to raise $2,000,000 by February of
>1999.  It is this task I am asking you to help us
>with now, so that we can get on to the important
>$2,000,000 seems like a lot of money, but when you
>consider what is necessary to go toe-to-toe with
>the entrenched interests of the Republican
>establishment, it is truly the minimum.  To
>overcome resistance to our message in the media
>and the party establishment, we will need
>professional staff to help coordinate and
>encourage the grass roots, millions of pieces of
>campaign literature and tapes, television and
>radio ads, and constant, daily travel expenses, so
>we can carry our message everywhere in this great
>If we take the message of moral renewal for
>America to the people of the country, I'm
>confident they will respond wisely and generously,
>and a Keyes campaign would succeed abundantly. But
>we must act now to be sure we will be able to
>carry that message effectively if a campaign does
>become necessary.
>The Clinton Democrats and the Clinton Republicans
>seem to take every opportunity to try to convince
>us that ordinary Americans cannot act effectively
>to bring their moral convictions to bear on our
>national life.  The scandals of the Clinton
>Administration -- and the Republican acceptance of
>them -- seem custom-made to encourage us to decide
>in disgust to ignore Washington and pull back into
>our families and churches.
>I think their aim is to sap the will and energy of
>Americans until we get so fed up that nobody wants
>to participate in public life, and we turn
>everything over to the bureaucrats and
>politicians, and are content to mind our own
>business and do what we're told.  That is the
>vision of the future these people seem to cherish,
>where we have given up our moral capacity, our
>moral responsibility, our sense of
>self-discipline, and the need to shape our own
>destiny.  And in exchange for this agenda of
>self-indulgence, we give up our liberty.
>I hear many people lament the fact that so much is
>going on that degenerates and corrupts the moral
>fabric of this society, undermines the decency and
>self-discipline of our young people, and promotes
>all of the things that destroy and degrade our
>capacities for human greatness.  Every day people
>call me and ask "what can we do?"
>And they talk about how we should legislate, and
>how we should demonstrate, and how we should vote,
>and how we should run, and how we should do all of
>these things that seem so extraordinary.
>Well, I'll tell you, there's a very simple answer
>to the question "What can we do?"   I want to put
>before you, right there within your reach, a
>positive, good challenge -- a Godly challenge.  Do
>your part to help the other decent folks across
>this country who are supporting our message, and
>preparing to fund a Keyes campaign in 2000, and
>you will have done something critical to the
>future of this country
>If you decide, right now, "I'm going to do my
>part," by that decision alone you could contribute
>to changing the world.  Because a successful
>effort in this cause -- at this early moment, far
>before the election -- will be taken note of
>everywhere.  It will be noticed far and wide
>because -- and here is the hard truth -- moral
>conservatives haven't done very well at planning
>for these battles, and the liberals have pretty
>much decided they don't have to worry about us
>getting better at it.  We had better prove them
>wrong before it is too late.
>Because if they're right, then we shouldn't spend
>our time lamenting the terrible moral condition of
>America.  If we decide that we don't have it in us
>to raise the modest amount necessary to ensure
>that our banner can be seen far and wide in the
>next campaign, then I think we must admit that
>we've become part of the problem.  We shouldn't
>groan and moan anymore about our "terrible moral
>decline" -- because we're not willing to do
>anything about it.
>The plan we have developed to raise the money we
>need is within our power; this is not just "pie in
>the sky." It's a simple matter of what we do with
>a little bit of our own money, and a little bit of
>our own time.
>Thankfully, in America we are still in control of
>a portion of our time and money.  After we get
>through working on the treadmill of excessive
>government taxation and regulation, there is still
>a little portion that is ours.  And if this
>doesn't work out, it will be because many, many
>people -- who in their gut know that this is the
>right thing to do -- will pull back from the
>modest sacrifice that would have made the whole
>thing possible.  And then we will deserve what we
>Right now, I believe that we should stop blaming
>the media and everybody else, and instead take a
>hard look at our own actions.  We must be sure
>that we are doing what is necessary --
>particularly in the small things -- so that the
>truth has a fighting chance to prevail.
>I'm confident that we will take care of business,
>and do what needs to be done.  I ask you to think
>and pray about this opportunity to help, and then
>do what you think is right.
>Keep faith,
>Alan Keyes
>Yes, Ambassador Keyes!
>I understand that we must return America to the
>Principles outlined in the Declaration of
>Independence -- to retain our rights and liberty,
>and to ensure that the 21st Century be the
>American Century  Please run for President in
>2000, and carry our cause to victory.   If you
>run, I pledge my support in whatever way I can to
>help you carry the Declaration banner all the way
>to the White House!
>Phone Number _______________________________
>e-mail ____________________________________
>I understand that you cannot run without raising
>$2,000,000 well before the primaries begin in
>2000.  To do so would mean being silenced again by
>the liberal media and the political establishment,
>and discrediting our cause.  I want to join the
>Keyes Honor Guard to make sure we reach that goal
>by February of 1999.  You can count on my monthly
>support of  ______ between now and then.
>____To keep administrative costs down and for
>convenience, I want you to charge my credit card.
> Account
> Expiration_____________
>____I don't have a credit card, or would prefer
>not to use one for this.  My first monthly
>donation is enclosed.  I won't let you down!
>____I want to be one of the "Keyes 2000" -- the
>men and women who have stepped forward to share
>your message with those around them and make sure
>we accomplish our goal of raising $2,000,000 in
>small donations.  Please contact me to explain how
>to join.
>IMPORTANT!  The Federal Election Commission
>requires the following information.
>Your occupation
>(If self-employed, write "self-employed."  If
>retired or homemaker, please indicate.)
>    Name of
>(If none, write "none.")
>"Please return this form with your check made
>payable to Keyes 2000. 5025 North Central, Suite
>408, Phoenix, Arizona 85012-1505 Contributions are
>not tax deductible.  The maximum allowed donation
>is $1000 per election.  Paid for by Keyes 2000."
>"Federal law requires political committees to
>report the name, mailing address, occupation and
>name of employer for each individual whose
>contributions aggregate in excess of $200 in a
>calendar year."
>Paid for and Authorized by Keyes 2000

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