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Subject: SLS: MacCrae Letter from FMC Lexington (fwd)

>>Hello to All:
>>This first letter is a general-issue type missif, for reasons I will 
>>explain later.It is my hope that I will shortly be able to write all of 
>>you individually in the near future.
>>I am now being held prisoner at FMC Lexington in Kentucky, which will 
>>apparently be my home for the next 21 months. By and large, the guards 
>>and staff treat me with respect, but the real surprise was the high 
>>level of consciousness among my fellow prisoners. So far, I've met 
>>several people who are here because of their participation in common law 
>>courts, as well as at least a dozen Constitutionalists! So far, I'm the 
>>only militia in here - though I'm positive that the feds would like to 
>>change that. Bottom line~ Be Careful Out There !!!
>>They would not permit me to bring anything in with me except underwear 
>>and money. As a result, I do not have everyone's address who emailed me 
>>and asked me to get in touch. So, post this to PIML and SAFAN, so that 
>>these good folks can write me and I'll have their addresses.
>>I am only allowed 5 books at a time and they must be paperbacks. I could 
>>certainly use some reading material. I am not allowed anything else 
>>through the mail and nothing through visits.
>>While I would always be grateful for a few dollars for stamps and such 
>>now and then, I cannot be convinced that you all would not be better 
>>served spending your money on cartridges....  If, however, someone does 
>>want to contribute to the "Keep MacCrae in Stamps Fund", send only US 
>>Postal Money Orders. Anythig else will be held up for 15-30 days.
>>The more I am exposed to the workings of the Federal Prison System, the 
>>more I am convinced that these people haven't an ounce of common sense 
>>(meaning the Washington administrators; the folks I deal with here just 
>>work here, and don't make policy). Every other person who is discharged 
>>from here is a potential revolutionary, and some of these people have 
>>become zealots.
>>I am not discouraged by my situation ~ I use it as an opportunity, 
>>behind enemy lines... being both a delegate to the 3CC as well as a 
>>general in the militia has given me a certain position when talking to 
>>many of my fellow prisoners. They know I am here because of my political 
>>beliefs, and that I am sincere in them.
>>When we began our sacred quest for the return of our Constitution, as 
>>our forefathers did, we pledged our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred 
>>honor. I have been, and shall always be,
>>true to that pledge.
>>I ask all of you who read this to support the 3rd Continental Congress, 
>>and your local militia. It is time to take the struggle to the public, 
>>to let our neighbors know that this is their fight, too.
>>You can write me at:
>>Fitzhugh MacCrae  21366-038
>>FMC Lexington
>>PO Box 14505
>>Lexington, KY  40512
>>Anyone who wishes to send a few dollars for stamps and stationary should 
>>make the posatl money order out to the above name and number.
>>All I ask is that if the balloon goes up while I'm in here, save a 
>>couple for me !!!
>>Still Fighting,
>>CFR MacCrae
>>BG, Northeast States Alliance

Paul Andrew Mitchell                 : Counselor at Law, federal witness
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As agents of the Most High, we came here to establish justice.  We shall
not leave, until our mission is accomplished and justice reigns eternal.
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