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Subject: SLS: Why feds fear local (common law) jurisdiction
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In all our court pleadings, our first reference to the
federal constitution appears like this:

  Constitution for the United States of America,
  as lawfully amended (hereinafter "U.S. Constitution")

See the last phrase in the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution.

These terms are all driven by definitions, such as this.

If there is authoritative proof that the "U.S. Constitution"
is another law entirely, I want to see it!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 09:28 AM 9/11/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Can some one answer this question. I don't have the answer.
>send the answer to JAdem2594@aol.com
>At 07:30 AM 9/11/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>quick question....the swear to uphold the US Constititution....is this
>>different from
>>Constitution for the United States of AMerica?

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