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>Article located at:  http://www.orlandosentinel.com/opinion/0831rees.htm
>The Orlando Sentinel, Sunday, August 31, 1997
>Count me out if a New World Order is what world is coming to
>By Charley Reese
>of The Sentinel Staff
>Want to know what's weird? 
>It's weird that an out-of-work ex-dictator of the Soviet Union, such as
>Mikhail Gorbachev, tools around the United States, forms a tax-exempt
>foundation and hosts state-of-the-world forums attended by various new-left
>and in-power utopians. 
>One should remember, shouldn't one, that Gorbachev worked his way through
>college ratting out his professors and fellow students to the KGB --
>condemning them to torture and/or death -- and did not (and never did
>intend to) bring democracy to the Soviet Union. He intended to save
>communism by putting on a few cosmetic reforms. He blew it. 
>It's also weird that, unlike the Nazis, former Communist leaders who killed
>millions have never been brought to justice, except for a token guy here or
>there. It's even weirder that America's raving moralists don't seem to give
>a hoot. That's probably because they are more left than moral. 
>I think that we ought to file a complaint with the Russians. They should
>keep their former dictators at home. 
>I understand that there is plenty of room in Siberia, and what would be a
>more fitting retirement home for a Communist tyrant than the place where
>communism doomed millions to hard labor and death? 
>Instead, this Communist ex-dictator sets up a foundation at The Presidio, a
>former U.S. Army base. 
>Old Spot's putting on a series of state-of-the-world forums to develop
>ideas for a global civilization. Given Gorbachev's background and
>experience, I don't want to have anything to do with any civilization he
>plans, but a lot of American political, business and news-media bigwigs
>turn out for his hoop-de-doos for a New World Order. Al Gore, who aspires
>to be the Utopian-in-Chief, was at the '95 shindig along with Jane Fonda
>and other assorted leftists. The whole affair was subsidized by Bob Dole's
>favorite agribusiness, Archer Daniels Midland. 
>Someone called the 1995 forum a meeting of new-left socialists and
>utopians. I would call it a meeting of new-left socialists and saps. The
>way so many prominent Americans lust after socialism and its necessary loss
>of liberty makes me think of a line from an old Western movie. 
>''If God did not intend for them to be sheared, then why did he make them
>sheep?'' an inquiring Mexican outlaw wanted to know. 
>Good question, Calvaro. 
>It seems to me that either the Cold War was a phony deal or the end of the
>Cold War is a phony deal. Instead of being brought to justice, Communists
>in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union are either still in power or
>getting rich running capitalist enterprises. 
>And what does it say about capitalists when they pick Communists to run
>their enterprises? 
>It says that a no-goodnik is a no-goodnik regardless of what language he
>speaks or what economic or political system he pays lip service to. There
>is a worldwide brotherhood of indecent men who would sell their mothers to
>the devil, let alone their countrymen, to make a buck. 
>Well, I don't want any part of a New World Order or global civilization.
>I'll settle for the plain, old constitutional republic our revolution
>produced. That no longer exists either, except in form, but it, at least,
>is worth restoring. 
>I hope you notice that all these folks who talk about globalism or new
>world orders never seem to get around to talking about the principles of
>the American Revolution -- liberty, inalienable rights and self-government. 
>There are no elected delegates to the United Nations. They are all
>appointed by their governments. Therefore rule by the United Nations -- if
>that's what people have in mind -- would be dictatorial rule by an
>oligarchy of the more powerful nation-states. No thanks. 
>[Posted 08/29/97 11:27 PM EST] 
> 1997 Orlando Sentinel Online 
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