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Subject: SLS: Nuts! - Antioxidant Found in Peanuts (fwd)

Hi Peter,

The black scientist George Washington Carver
did a wealth of research with peanut crops,
even producing a non-diary creamer from them,
which his closest friends thought was real cream.

Perhaps we should dig up his voluminous research,
and post it here on the Internet?

I vote YES!!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 12:12 PM 9/11/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Wednesday September 10 2:14 PM EDT 
>Antioxidant Found in Peanuts
>By Theresa Tamkins 
>NEW YORK (Reuters) -- Can eating peanuts be good for your heart?
>It's possible, according to a new study that found that the lowly
>legumes contain an antioxidant also found in red wine, which
>studies have associated with a lower risk of heart disease. 
>Moderate consumption of wine lowers the risk of heart disease,
>mainly due to the alcohol content. However, some researchers
>believe antioxidant compounds found in red wine give the beverage
>an added boost over white wine, beer or liquor, when it comes to
>protecting the heart. 
>In the new study, researchers found one of those antioxidant
>compounds, called resveratrol, is found in peanuts, at about half
>the level per ounce as red wine. However, a serving of peanuts --
>one ounce -- contains 73 micrograms of resveratrol, while a
>serving of red wine -- about five ounces -- contains more than
>800 micrograms of the substance, according to the study that was
>partially funded by The Peanut Institute. The seed coat, or red
>skin covering the peanut, has a little extra resveratrol, about
>42 micrograms per ounce consumed. 
>So does that mean a peanut butter sandwich is in on par with a
>glass of vintage vino -- at least in health terms? Well, that
>remains to be seen, according to Dr. Timothy Sanders, research
>leader at the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA)
>Agricultural Research Center located at North Carolina State
>University in Raleigh. The study included three different types
>of peanuts sold in the U.S., including spanish, runner and
>virginia peanuts -- the type found in ballparks across the
>"One of those we roasted, and we got almost exactly the same
>level (of resveratrol) in the roasted sample as we did in the
>non-roasted sample," Sanders said. "I would think that it would
>be there (in peanut butter) at about the same level -- but that's
>a guess." 
>The new study was prompted by a 1992 report that found that
>people who eat nuts four to five times a week have a 40%
>reduction in cardiovascular risk. The finding may seem
>counterintuitive because of the high fat content of the nuts; for
>example, macadamia nuts get 75% of their calories from fat and
>peanuts get 50% of their calories from fat. 
>"Most people hear this for the first time and say this can't be
>true, but the people are reputable scientists," said Sanders, who
>presented his data this week at the American Chemical Society
>meeting in Las Vegas. Peanuts also contain vitamin E, folic acid
>and fiber, other substances that might be beneficial, he said. 
>Past studies had suggested that peanuts could produce resveratrol
>in response to infection with fungi, but it had not previously
>been found in healthy, edible nuts. 
>"I was surprised it was there to be quite frank with you," said
>Sanders, who conducted the study with colleague Robert McMichael.
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