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To: liberty-and-justice@pobox.com
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: E-mail addresses of University of Arizona

UofA police are not state police;
they appear to be a private security
company.  This is where you should
commence immediate research.  Call
the UofA President's office, and 
demand to see the contract with 
these police.  This could be the
makings of a tremendous victory
for the American Indian community.
The trend all across the nation is
to create private security forces
who "appear" to be state, county,
or city police;  they are NOT.
An excellent example are the "police"
at Tucson International Airport.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

The U of A's student newspaper is
the Arizona Daily Wildcat.





Editor in Chief and Opinions:


Best regards,
/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 02:44 PM 9/13/97 -0700, you wrote:
>For myself and the many others that support the Apache right to their
>religious liberty and oppose the building of the observatory on Mount
>Graham, I'd be glad to be one of the many who would flood the university
>with an e-mail to that effect. Give me the address please. Thanks
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>> To: liberty-and-justice@pobox.com
>> Subject: L&J: Fwd: News release of Apache (fwd)
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>> Subject: Fwd: News release of Apache
>> For Immediate Release - September 9, 1997
>> by Sandra Rambler
>> 						=++=++=++=++=++=			
>> Former councilmember cited by UA officers for praying on sacred 
>> Apache mountain, Mount Graham
>> =++=++=++=++=++=
>> On Saturday, August 30, former Apache tribal councilmember, 
>> Wendsler Nosie, was detained by University of Arizona police 
>> officers while leaving Mount Graham after having gone there to 
>> pray. Nosie was ordered to appear in the Safford Justice Court on 
>> September 11 for trespassing.
>> Mount Graham known to the San Carlos Apaches as Dzil Nchaa 
>> Si An, is located within the Coronado National Forest.  Traditional 
>> Apaches were distressed that UA is insisting upon prosecuting a 
>> tribal member for praying on the Apaches' sacred mountain.
>> Spokesperson for Apaches for Cultural Preservation, Wendsler 
>> Nosie said, "Dzil Nchaa Si An  is sacred to me and my people.  
>> For centuries, we have been praying on our sacred mountain.  
>> For an Apache to be detained and cited for praying on our sacred 
>> mountain is an outrageous act by a public university.  I believe in 
>> the right to exercise my Apache religion and no one can take this 
>> away from me nor my people."
>> Yesterday, in the Safford Justice of the Peace Court, Nosie 
>> entered a written plea of "Not Guilty".  The maximum penalty for 
>> the offense is 30 days in jail.
>> The Apache Survival Coalition, headed by Ola Cassadore Davis, 
>> outraged that Nosie must appear in court, contends that, "Early 
>> in the project, the University claimed they would respect us 
>> Apache and allow us to pray and meditate on the summit."
>> Medicine Man, Harold Kenton, said, "nearly every Apache 
>> traditional spiritual leader signed a petition which stated, "we, the 
>> undersigned spiritual leaders of the Apache people, acknowledge
>> the central sacred importance of Dzil Nchaa Si An (Mount 
>> Graham) to the traditional religious practice of the Apache.  We 
>> oppose the Mount Graham telescope project because it will 
>> interfere with the ability of the traditional Apache to practice their
>> religion."  He adds, "I will never change my position on this 
>> sacred matter.  Every Apache must be informed of this religious 
>> violation. It's not right that Wendsler Nosie was cited for practicing
>> our Apache religion."
>> In response to questions about Indian claims that the mountaintop 
>> is sacred, former UA President, Manual Pacheco was quoted in 
>> the Tucson's Arizona Daily Star on September 11, 1991, who told 
>> the press, "the university is not, will not, tread on cultural values 
>> that might exist."
>> In a letter to the San Carlos Apache Tribal Council on July 6, 1993,
>> Pacheco wrote, "The University of Arizona is concerned and 
>> committed to assuring that construction and operation of the Mt. 
>> Graham telescope project will proceed with the greatest possible 
>> respect and deference to San Carlos Apache religious values and 
>> interests."
>> The UA is joined at the Mount Graham Observatory by the 
>> Vatican, Germany's Max Planck Institute and Italy's Arcetri 
>> Observatory.
>> Nosie is the first Apache to be cited by UA police for praying on 
>> the mountain.  Nosie added, "After I prayed, there was a large 
>> hailstorm coming down the mountain from the top and the access
>> road followed  the shortest route off the summit.  But I felt real 
>> good about my prayers.  I know it was powerful.  I felt the 
>> presence of our Creator." 
>> ___________________________________________
>> Contact:	Sandra Rambler (520) 475-2361
>> 	Wendsler Nosie (520) 475-2494 or (520) 475-2545
>> 	Ernest Victor (520) 475-2319
>> 	Ola Cassadore Davis (520) 475-2543
>> >>>end press release<<<
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>> KOLA (International Campaign Office)
>> Van Boeckel St. 20
>> B-1140 Brussels
>> Belgium
>> Tel&Fax +32-2-241-8322
>> Email : kolahq@skynet.be
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