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>Ms Smith6791,, would like more nfo on the UN, NWO. Here is a small commentary
>on it. Its of course only the tip of the iceberg.
>Commentary from America's Future, Inc.
>F.R. Duplantier
>October 23, 1995
>U.N. Treaties to Limit U.S. Citizens' Rights
>Despite their lofty rhetoric, the various treaties proposed by the United
>Nations would not give
>Americans any additional rights. What they would do is restrict or repeal
>many of the rights we
>already have, and Americans certainly don't want that!
>A treaty is a solemn agreement between nations that is legally binding on the
>governments, and on their peoples. U.S. diplomats have no business
>participating in the drafting
>of treaties that threaten our nation's sovereignty and the Constitutional
>rights of American citizens.
>U.S. Presidents have no business signing such treaties. And U.S. Senators
>have no business
>ratifying them.
>It is incumbent upon anyone sworn to uphold our Constitution to be ever
>mindful of the impact a
>treaty may have on it and to examine such a potent document scrupulously,
>anticipating contrary
>constructions and adverse interpretations of ambiguous terms. The
>preservation of U.S.
>sovereignty and of the liberties of American citizens should be the primary
>concern at all times --
>not the self-esteem of statesmen, or fearsome but fictitious "world opinion."
>Willfully jeopardizing
>the security of our country, whether in the interests of a foreign nation or
>as a prelude to world
>government, is treason plain and simple.
>Treaties pose far more of a hazard to the United States than to any other
>nation because of the
>preeminence of treaties in our system of government. Under the U.S.
>Constitution, laws passed
>by Congress must be "in pursuance" of the Constitution, but there is no such
>express limitation on
>treaties. In an address to the American Bar Association in 1952, former
>Secretary of State John
>Foster Dulles acknowledged the grave danger inherent in treaty ratification.
>"Under our
>Constitution treaties become the supreme law of the land," he explained.
>"They are indeed more
>supreme than ordinary laws, for Congressional laws are invalid if they do not
>conform to the
>Constitution, whereas treaty laws can override the Constitution."
>The various UN treaties, which internationalist pressure groups are
>constantly urging us to sign,
>have nothing to offer the American people. On the contrary, they pose serious
>threats to the
>blessings of liberty that we already enjoy. These treaties would supersede
>the U.S. Constitution
>that protects our rights, override our federal and state laws, and upset the
>balance of power
>unique to our federal system. They provide no real benefits to the citizens
>of other countries
>either, and the sacrifice of our own rights would not be justified even if
>they did. We would not
>be protected by the so-called Reservations and Statements of Understanding
>which could be
>attached. They serve only to acknowledge the many dangers in the treaties.
>Any treaty that threatens the rights of Americans -- the rights our
>forefathers fought so hard for --
>is a treaty we can do without. Nor do we advance the cause of human rights
>worldwide by
>diminishing our sovereignty. We serve that cause far better by concentrating
>on concerns closer
>to home and trying to set a noble example for others to follow. Let the
>tricksters have their
>treaties. America should perfect its own standard of human rights, and let
>other nations follow our
>Behind The Headlines is produced by America's Future, a nonprofit educational
>organization dedicated to the preservation of our free enterprise system and
>constitutional form of government. For a free transcript of this broadcast,
>America's Future, 7800 Bonhomme, St. Louis, Missouri 63105.
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