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Subject: SLS: U.S.A. v. Knudson now in Supreme Law Library

It is going to get much worse, before it gets
any better, Mike.  The evidence now indicates
that many of the "missing" children have been
murdered -- to support a black market in live
organs.  The trail leads to Arizona, and to
Nebraska, via Belgium.  You can expect all
kinds of foul things, as this story develops
into a full-blown national crisis.  It appears
that certain judges are covering for it, and
also profiting from it.  The shock has STILL
not worn off my psyche, and I doubt that it
ever will.  If I disappear some day, you will
know exactly why.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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><<TO:  Lizy
>When all of the evidence is loaded into 
>the Supreme Law Library, that evidence
>will speak for itself.  We won't need
>your ad hominems to distract or mislead
>other people.  
>Please learn quickly that ad hominem
>argumentation is considered a low form
>of persuasion.>>
>Thank you Paul for being professional at all times.  I read so much tongue
>lashing on the internet and everything sinks to the lowest possible level
>very quickly

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