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Subject: SLS: Notes on the Christian Imagination

It is really a telling story, 
when people would sooner hurl such 
inane insults at one of the world's
great religions, rather than to 
give it a try, say, for a year, or a month --
you know, for a test drive, or some such 

My goodness, they might have to admit they 
were wrong about being holy!  Such a 
terrible admission -- that so few are 
capable of being honest with themselves.

Mary Magdalene was hardly what we would now
call an "exemplary citizen" -- being a
rather prosperous, and hyper-active,
prostitute, about to be stoned to death
by the neighborhood.  Her life was changed
immeasurably by admitting, in her heart,
that what she was doing was wrong.  There
was only one Neighbor who could see into
her heart at that moment, however.

The only comparable analogy in our culture
would be this:  call girls who are "caught"
would be fed into those tree branch "chippers"
to create mulch, for ground cover, one limb
at a time.

You see, this is the message of the New Testament:
forgiveness, not eye-for-an-eye, and certainly
not blood-thirsty vengeance.  

If you have never experienced forgiveness, then,
by all means, do give it a try -- either by giving it,
or by receiving it.  Until then, you may never really
KNOW what you are talking about.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>> In Christianity neither morality nor religion comes into contact with
>>  reality at any point
> I see that the devils worker is back at  his boss's work again.  This is one
>deluded doped up dude.  I hope there are no young minds out there who are
>taken in by this miscreant.   I suggest using the delete button often.
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