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Subject: SLS: Four Charges Destroyed Building (OKC Grand Jury)

And so, the photographs which were printed
on the cover of the New American magazine
last year, constitute material evidence which
I believe the Chief Justice should see, in
large numbers piled high and deep on the desk
in his private office, protestations to the
contrary by Linda Thompson Esquire notwithstanding.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>>From the Daily Oklahoman, September 18, 1997
>Posted by Bill Watts (wwatts@nothinbut.net) 
>A retired Air Force general, who believes more than one bomb destroyed 
>the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, testified Wednesday before the
>Oklahoma County grand jury.
>Retired Brig. Gen. Benton K. Partin of Alexandria, Va., spoke briefly with
>reporters as he left the Oklahoma County jail after spending more than 
>six hours with the jury.  ''The reason we took so long in there (with the 
>jury) is I went through things in considerable detail,'' Partin said.
>Also, appearing Wednesday was Oscar ''Dude'' Goodun, a General 
>Services Administration employee.
>Goodun is expected to return today along with former television reporter
>Jayna Davis and Raymon Brown, a seismologist at the Oklahoma 
>Geological Survey in Norman.
>The grand jury that convened June 30 to investigate larger conspiracy
>theories in the April 19, 1995, bombing has heard from 28 people.
>Timothy McVeigh, 29, was convicted June 2 and sentenced to die. The 
>bomb resulted in 168 deaths.  The trial of defendant Terry Nichols, 42, is 
>set to begin Sept. 29 in Denver.
>Partin, 71, believes four demolition charges were placed on the Murrah
>Building's third floor prior to the bombing.  Partin bases his theory on the 
>damage patterns he viewed in photographs of the bombing's aftermath.
>''I had an opportunity to explain my analysis of what happened in 
>Oklahoma and my conclusions,'' Partin said. ''And my conclusions still 
>are (that) there had to have been demolition charges in the building. And 
>the so-called ammonium nitrate and fuel oil could not possibly have done the
>The photographs he saw convinced him that demolition charges were  planted on
>structural columns inside the Murrah Building before the blast, 
>Partin said.  Federal prosecutors contend the building was bombed with 
>a single Ryder rental truck packed with ammonium nitrate fertilizer, fuel 
>and other explosives.
>A British bomb expert who testified at Timothy McVeigh's trial said the
>damage to the building was consistent with the characteristics of an
>ammonium nitrate-fuel oil bomb.
>In 1995, Partin issued a report stating that ''the damage pattern on the
>reinforced concrete superstructure could not possibly have been attained
>from the single truck bomb.  Partin said some of the Murrah Building's 
>columns left standing after the blast should have collapsed and others 
>that collapsed should have stood.
>He sent his report to Congress seeking an investigation ''to determine the
>true initiators of this bombing,'' he said.  Partin has been widely quoted 
>by conspiracy theorists who suggest the federal government is not telling 
>the whole story about the bombing.
>Goodun, 61, is assigned to the Fort Worth, Texas, regional office and was 
>in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995.  Goodun and two Mid-Western Elevator 
>Co. employees conducted an annual inspection on the seven elevators in 
>the Murrah Building on April 18, 1995.  The inspectors were en route to 
>the federal building to complete the inspection when the truck bomb 
>They rushed into the building and checked each of the elevators, Goodun
>said. He told The Oklahoman no victims were found in the elevators.
>Goodun and Oscar Johnson, Mid-Western general manager, said none of 
>the elevators fell in the blast.
>Their findings contradict the story told by David Schickedanz, a now 
>retired Drug Enforcement Administration agent, and Alex McCauley, a 
>federal bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms supervisor. The agents 
>claim the elevator they were in dropped five floors when the bomb went 
>The federal inspector said he doesn't doubt the agents thought the 
>elevator fell.  Goodun told The Oklahoman when the power was cut off 
>to the elevators there was a thrust in the opposite direction.  ''It is like 
>when you slam on the brakes of a car, your body lunges forward,'' he said.
>Goodun, who lost part of his hearing, said he did not leave the bomb site
>area for 14 days, working 19 to 20 hours a day.
>Brown is expected to present jurors with records of a seismic reading of 
>the blast made in Norman. Another seismogram was recorded at the 
>Omniplex Science Museum in Oklahoma City.  The seismic records have 
>fueled debate over whether they show multiple explosions caused the 
>damage to the Murrah Building.
>Also, Davis, formerly of KFOR-TV, is expected to tell jurors about a report 
>she aired linking an Iraqi man then living in Oklahoma City to the 
>Bill Watts
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