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To: Mary Anne <confus65@wws.net>
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: IRS, SS and M.V.D. (fwd)
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Hello Mary Anne,

We already brought that case in 
People v. United States et al.,
in the District Court of the
United States, in Billings, Montana.

Similar "class actions" have already
been attempted, e.g. by Paul Grant
(I think) in Utah state.

I don't believe Devvy has found an honest
judge -- not in the federal judiciary.

Until one of them rescinds his/her W-4,
we have disqualified all of them -- for
an adverse conflict of interest.  The 
same goes for all state judges.

The pleadings now posted in the Supreme
Law Library tell the whole story.  They
are free to everyone who has an Internet
computer.  Please help yourself.

Judges should be assigned to cases on a
random rotation;  the fact that Devvy
has "pre-selected" a "good one" [sic]
undermines the entire effort from the
start, imho.

Sorry, but those are my honest thoughts.
I prefer to be direct with people.  It keeps
me honest, if not also a little too blunt for
most people's tender sensibilities.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 10:14 AM 9/23/97, you wrote:
>I thought you might be interested in this..
>-> I must take this opportunity to inform this group of some very good
>-> information.  On the Jerry Hughes Show this past friday, Devy Kidd 
>-> was on. She has put together a team of lawyers and found an "honest" 
>-> judge that sides on the side of the Constitution to bring a class 
>-> action suit against the United States government.
>-> They have set up a trust to accept the donations.  If you donate 
>-> $100.00, you will be named as a co-plaintiff in this case.  The suit 
>-> will charge amoung other things, fraud perpertrated on the American 
>-> people concerning the I.R.S., the Social Security Administration, the 
>-> M.V.D.s of the 50 united States, etc.
>-> This could be the best $100 you and I ever spent!  If you would like 
>-> more information, call 916-365-0158.

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