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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Public Salary Tax Act is unconstitutional: intent is fraud

At 01:14 PM 9/23/97 -0400, you wrote:
>In a message dated 9/23/97 5:03:38 PM, you wrote:
><<The law reads that judges should disclose
>contracts which might affect their judicial
>impartiality.  Now that IRS has been proven
>to be an illegal trust domiciled in Puerto Rico,
>I should think that a W-4 ought to be disclosed,
>so that the parties of interest might have an
>opportunity to object, or stipulate a waiver,
>to the existence of this "contract."  Don't 
>think for a moment that state judges are not
>also complicit in upholding the tax scam
>(to quote the title of Alan Stang's excellent
>book on the same subject).  We have already
>attacked federal income taxation of federal 
>judges;  I now believe that the same principles
>apply to federal income taxes on state
>judicial compensation.  The Public Salary
>Tax Act is unconstitutional for being 
>fraudulent by intent.  See the court cases
>now loaded into the Supreme Law Library for
>details, particularly USA v. Knudson:
>The Table of Contents now follow>>
>THANK you Paul.

You are very welcome.

>The thing that doesn't seem right to me is that we are saying that if we are
>Federal Citizens were trapped.  But how did we sucked into being Federal

Answer: voter registration affidavits.
Gilbertson's OPENING BRIEF has busted
this scam, wide open, imho.  Read
that section of the OPENING BRIEF,
where we talk about convening a 
3-judge panel, to adjudicate the
apportionment of congressional districts
in Minnesota, and by logical extension,
in the other 49 states.

> Wasn't it by a concealed procedure.

Yes!  They could have worded this second
class of citizenship as "federal citizenship",
from the beginning;  this term is actually
found in Black's Law Dictionary.  They intended
to confuse people by creating the false impression
that the following two are identical:

Citizen of the United States
citizen of the United States

when they are NOT!  

>Who (except you and recent
>patriots) ever told me that I have 2 citizens ships and if I be a state
>citizen I don't have to be a federal slave. 

I am attracting LOT of heat for this finding,
and now you know why.  Just wait until the pleadings
from all 30 cases are loaded into the Supreme Law
Library!  Talk about OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.


I have been blazing this path almost by myself
for 7 years now.  Richard McDonald was one of
the first to take this position, with very solid
authority to underpin that position.  The recent
discoveries concerning "Right of Election" are
the result of work which I have continued to 
do in this area.

>And didn't you show that the
>14th amendment is being all that, and 
>did THAT amendment be not ratified. 

Yes:  see Dyett v. Turner.
The key excerpt from that case is
now in USA v. Knudson in the 
Supreme Law Library.  This excerpt
is MUST reading for anyone truly
interested in getting to the bottom
of this scam.

>isn't the whole thing based on things 
>that aren't really right as far as law
>is concerned.

Yes:  State Citizens CAN vote in the U.S. House and Senate,
but they can NOT vote on juries, or in general elections.

On the other hand:

Federal citizens CAN vote on juries and in general elections,
but they are ineligible to vote in the U.S. House and Senate.

This conflict must be resolved;  it is now before the
8th Circuit in St. Louis.  But, Gilbertson may be a
double agent, set up to "siphon" my knowledge.  He wasn't
ready for what he got!  That's for DARN sure!!

>Enslaving people into all kinds of things without giving them

The Hazard Circular is very damaging proof
of what you have just said here.

>How about when i get a driver license, no one tells me I am waiving
>rights and this is a privilege only for Federal citizens etc. 

Confer at "fraud" in Black's Law Dictionary:
"failure to disclose what SHOULD have been disclosed"!!!

> I once had a
>cop stop me cause I jumped a curb to get around a stalled car and when I
>became upset, he told me he was just adminoshing me that what I was doing was
>unsafe but that I had to stop when he red lights me because, and he said, I
>have waived my rights.

The existence of plates, with tags, creates
the "presumption" that you are "driving"
in "commerce," and that you have already
agreed to be stopped in this fashion.

It is the license plate which creates this
presumption.  What you must do is to challenge
the officer to establish damage or injury (i.e. probable cause);
if he does not do so timely, then you challenge
him to declare whether or not you are under arrest.

You may infer that you are NOT under arrest, if 
the officer has not yet issued the proper Miranda
Warning to you, i.e. "you have the right to remain
silent, you have the right to an attorney, anything
you say from this point forward, can and will be
held against you in a court of law."

If there is no damage or injury, and if you are
NOT under arrest, then you say "good day" and
"goodbye" to the officer, and pull away.  
Always be very polite and courteous, however.


The first 60 seconds will tell the officer whether 
or not you are a real threat to him/her.  THAT is 
the thing that is ALWAYS first and foremost in 
their minds, whenever they pull anyone over.

Do you have any idea how many cops have been
blown away upon approaching a stopped car or
truck?  Hundreds, maybe?  How about thousands?
I say there have been thousands killed in this

I ALWAYS put both hands at the top
of the steering wheel, after rolling down the
driver's side window, and as s/he approaches,
I greet him/her with "Good morning/afternoon/
evening, officer.  How can I help you?"

Kindness and courtesy will buy you a lot of
safety which you won't ever get by being 
rude, insulting, vicious, or cruel.

I think of all the times I have been so relieved
to see the police arrive, e.g. at an injury
accident.  One time, I saw a man's car parked
in the middle of 3 lanes, and the man was staggering
his way into on-coming traffic.  I made an
extremely fast U-turn, and RACED to the nearest
gas station, where I wasn't out of my car before
telling the station attendant to call 911 --
to help the man struggling down the road.  The response
was incredibly fast:  CHP, Sheriffs, AND Fire
Department were all there in 2 minutes.  I rushed
back to put a blanket under his neck, and to use
my body to keep him in the shade.  Everything worked
like it should -- amazing clockwork -- and we saved
the man from coronary thrombosis.

The CHP shook my hand for taking command.  I was 17
years old.  Of course, I thanked them profusely for
being there so quickly.  I don't know how to do 
CPR or any of that first aide stuff, so I don't
even try.  It was clear the man was beginning to 
turn blue.

I went to visit the man afterwards, and his wife
was incredibly gracious for all the fast work we 
had done to save his life.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>Do you get the gist of what I am saying?  IF everyone was told up front, we
>have a new citizen ship for you but you must waive rights or have no
>privileges and not common law rights, or we will give you soc. security but
>it means all this blah blah blah that is not constitutional.  Doesn't that
>negate the hwole thing?

If they were ever to admit such a thing to you,
face-to-face, you would have probable cause to
execute a Citizen's Arrest of them, on the spot,
because a fraudulent contract is no contract;
that is THE LAW!!  Fraud vitiates even the most
solemn contracts.  

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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