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Subject: SLS: SAFAN NO. 723. Restore the Republic: A Book and a Plan

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>Subject: SAFAN NO. 723.  Restore the Republic: A Book and a Plan
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> @ (    >    ) @          STOP ALL FEDERAL ABUSES NOW!!!
>       \   0  /          SAFAN Internet Newsletter, No. 723, Sept 23, 1997
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>by Tom Henley (tompayne@vic.com)
>     [ED. NOTE:  Tom Henley and I met last Wednesday and agreed to
>     push forward this plan to take our country back.  I hope that all of
>     you will contact Tom and let him know how you feel about his plan.
>     We all NEED to work on what we all AGREE on - Restoring the
>     Republic - and to forget about our petty differences.  We must 
>     start - very soon!!!   In Knoxville, we are starting NOW....Dot Bibee]
>Dot:  I really enjoyed meeting with you this week and renewing our
>acquaintance of thirty years ago when we both worked for the same 
>federal agency. It is a most remarkable thing how we have arrived at the same
>point politically after thirty years of experiences which took us in 
>different directions. I have read your SAFAN News for several months and you
>have read my book RESTORE THE REPUBLIC! Everything You Always Wanted to Do To
>Congress - Everything You Always Wanted Your Government To Be.
>I believe anyone who has followed the progress of our nation deeper and
>deeper into socialism and farther and farther from the Constitution would
>arrive at the same conclusion: 
>                    WE HAVE LOST OUR REPUBLIC AND 
>At your suggestion I am providing here a condensed version of the book 
>with articles on 
>	1. What It Means To Restore The Republic
>	2. What Restoring The Republic Will Accomplish
>	3. The Process for Restoring The Republic.
>1. What It Means To Restore The Republic
>The Republic of the United States of America was established by the
>Constitution as it was ratified by the last of the required number of
>states (9) in 1789. It was a carefully defined government with strictly
>limited powers. Those specific powers are listed in Article 1, Section 8.
>There are 18 powers listed there, and no more. This is the extent of the
>jurisdiction of the U.S. government. It has no jurisdiction to make laws
>dealing with anything else. Number 1. gives the power to tax but strictly
>limits taxes so as to  deny an income tax.
>Article 1, Section 9 goes further to list the specific powers denied to
>Congress. There are 8 of these. Number 4. provides that the government
>cannot tax people directly.
>Then to be absolutely certain that the new government they had just set 
>up did not go beyond these powers and get into the lives and property 
>of its citizens, another set of restrictions was added in 1791called the Bill
>of Rights - the first ten amendments. Number 8 and number 9 specifically
>recognize that all other rights and powers belong to the people and that
>all powers not given to the federal government are reserved to the states
>or to the people. The constitution does not give us our rights. We already
>had full rights before the Constitution came into existence.
>It has no jurisdiction to make laws regarding education, health, welfare,
>civil rights, discrimination, the environment, safety, holidays, monuments,
>energy, or anything not listed in Article 1. Section 8. 
>So how did we get the thousands of volumes and millions of pages of
>federal laws and regulations that deal with virtually every aspect of our
>lives and keep expanding with every session of Congress? 
>Well, that is a very long story involving a congress that always wanted 
>to increase its power and jurisdiction and a supreme court that eventually 
>ratified each power grab. There was a political reason and a social 
>rationale for every one of them. 
>There were three supreme court decisions which essentially gutted the 
>constitutional jurisdictional limits and the last one, in 1933, stated that
>congress could do anything it wanted to as long as it had a good reason. 
>But it makes no difference how it happened, it has the appearance of
>official approval and the silent assent of passage of time. The only
>question today is how do we get rid of this government. 
>                                 How do we undo it?
>We can't just let it go on and on. The time has come to do something 
>about it. The confidence of the people in government is near zero for 
>those who know and care. The cost of government is out of control and 
>will become impossible to bear in the near future. The government has 
>got us entangled with the United Nations and other treaties which take 
>our sovereignty away from us.  Government involvement in our day-to-
>day lives has become unbearable. So what do we do? We restore the republic -
>return to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, wipe every-
>thing off, and start all over again with a clean slate. And this time, we 
>keep it straight!
>2. What Restoring The Republic Will Accomplish
>Everything you always wanted. I challenge you to name or state an issue
>which will not be favorably resolved or favorably affected by restoring the
>The 16th Amendment (Income tax) will be instantly rescinded. The IRS will
>be abolished. 
>The United States of America will no longer be a party to the United
>Nations. This treaty will be instantly revoked like all the others. It will
>collapse without our financial and physical support. Does anyone care 
>what happens to it after we leave? The NWO will be stopped in its 
>tracks! The CFR and TLC will become gentlemen's clubs with meetings without a
>The Federal Reserve will be abolished. No more fiat money controlled by
>international banks.
>The EPA, OSHA, and all the other alphabet agencies will be instantly
>abolished along with their rules and regulations. Millions of pages of
>federal rules and regulations will instantly become just so much waste
>paper. Are there any you want to keep? Millions of federal employees 
>will be looking for jobs.
>All other treaties will be canceled - The Panama Canal will be returned
>to us, NATO and SEATO will have to stand on their own or be renego-
>tiated, the Indians will have to grow up and become U.S. citizens like
>everyone else, their reservations will be subject to the same laws as the 
>rest of the country. GATT and NAFTA will be revoked, and so on.   Are 
>there any treaties you want to keep?
>Roe v. Wade, Brown v. Board of Education, school prayer, flag-burning, 
>Miranda, Mapp, and all the other decisions expanding the rights of
>criminals, special rights for homosexuals, civil rights, all other supreme 
>court decisions will be instantly reversed.  Are there any you want to 
>I am a lawyer and fully aware of all the decisions, and I do not know 
>of any that are worth keeping. Let's start all over and this time get it 
>Most government and government-type lawyers will be out of work 
>because there will be no more federal laws authorizing suits on hundreds 
>of matters, and no courts to file them in.
>All cabinet departments will be abolished except Justice, Treasury,
>Defense, and State. No more Departments of Education, Energy, 
>Interior, Agriculture, Human Services, Housing, Urban Development, 
>Transportation, Commerce. All the regulations that go with each 
>department will be instantly revoked.
>All federal gun laws will be revoked. The ATF will be abolished along 
>with the FBI and all other federal law enforcement apparatus including 
>federal crimes. The states will regain their rightful exclusive power over 
>criminal laws and criminals.
>All migrants will be stopped at the borders. All illegals will be deported. 
>The privilege of becoming an American citizen will be granted only to 
>those who first become Americans. The laws granting citizenship to 
>millions of illegals will be rescinded instantly. These will be deported
>3. The Process for Restoring The Republic
>Is this just a pipe dream? Can it really happen? Will it really happen? 
>This country was founded and we declared our independence and we
>established our constitution and set up our government on the basis of 
>an impossible dream - that a nation of people could work together in 
>peace and freedom and govern themselves and protect themselves and 
>their property and keep it going for two hundred years! It was impossible 
>in 1774. 
>Most of the people in the U.S. thought it was impossible and impractical. 
>It would never work. The rest of the world did not believe it could be 
>done. The richest and most powerful nation in the world was determined 
>that it would not happen. But it did. 
>There was no United Nations to which we could appeal. We just appealed 
>to our God as the  supreme judge of the world to decide our case, and 
>he decided in our favor!
>Today in 1997 we must use this same approach and process to once 
>again dissolve our ties to a corrupt and despotic government - the federal 
>government - and re-start our government using the same Constitution 
>and Bill of Rights which has worked so well when we obeyed it and 
>defended it.
>An impossible dream? Of course! But one we can make reality - again!
>              Restore The Republic!!!
>It is estimated that in 1776 only about 40% of the population even knew
>about the Declaration of Independence, few understood it, and very few
>ACTUALLY supported it and would have signed it. It meant giving up all
>their cherished family connections to England, their security, their
>business connections, their loyalty to a government they had known for
>generations. Why should they give all that up - for a pipe dream? 
>After the Declaration was signed and published, thousands moved to 
>Canada to stay under British rule. Those who stayed in this country and 
>openly supported the new nation were guilty of TREASON - a hanging offense!
>Not even a trial! But they did it. Somehow. I believe a lot of them 
>simply waited until they knew we would win the war and then came 
>along later. That's o.k.
>The same things will happen between now and 2001. Some will call it 
>siliy or foolish. Some will not be willing to give up their federal con-
>nections - jobs, social security, political connections, business contracts, 
>etc. Some will hang back waiting to see if we really succeed in restoring 
>the republic before they commit. Some will leave the country. Some 
>will predict dire disaster. The liberals and socialists will be ouyraged at 
>the prospect of losing all the ground they have gained since 1933 in 
>academia, government, the courts, the congress, the bureaucracies.
>Here comes the hard part: Here's what we have to do to accomplish
>restoring the republic. Just as the founders did in 1776.
>It has to happen in a short time - a few years to give everyone the
>opportunity to commit. It's not easy signing a paper and taking your 
>future in your hands. It will take some education and some organization 
>to get it done.
>No government shall play any role in the process. If any local, state, 
>or the federal government has a role, it can be aborted or delayed or 
>diverted. No local election commissions, no state legislatures to select
>delegates, ratify, or hold conventions on anything, no federal government
>with lawyers to confound and stupefy and compound and confuse. No congress to
>debate and do any of the things they do. No lawyers at all, 
>in government or in private practice. It will be the people with their 
>total power as stated in the Declaration of Independence. 
>                    If the people  do it, it is done. 
>                        Only God can intervene.
>There are three legal mechanisms which must be invoked:
>  1.  The ties to the existing government must be cut - a declaration of
>       independence. This can begin immediately and will grow at a 
>       geometric rate as 2001 approaches.
>  2.  The existing government must be abolished by revoking its power. 
>       This involves a reverse constitutional convention with delegates 
>       elected by their constituents to do only two things - 
>       1)  Unanimously revoke the U.S. Constitution thereby revoking 
>            and rescinding all power and all laws, regulations, treaties, 
>            regulations, etc. enacted through this power, and 
>       2)  Unanimously ratify the old Constitution and Bill of Rights just as
>            it was in 1789.
>     The delegate selection process is described in my book. Through 
>     these delegates the people express their will and exercise their 
>     power. We cannot use delegates elected by the political parties and 
>     the government process.  The delegate selection and the reverse 
>     convention must be free of all government interference. It must be 
>     the people doing it for themselves.
> 3.  At the same instant that the power of the existing government is
>     revoked, the power of the U.S. Constitution is granted to the new
>     government which is to be formed by newly elected officials. The 
>     elections will be held in the Fall of 2001, and the new officials will 
>     take office just like George Washington and set up the new republic. 
>     No laws, no treaties, no executive orders, no supreme court decisions, 
>     no bureaucracy, no regulations, no government employees.
>You may purchase copies of the book for $10 plus $2.50 for postage and
>If you want to have a meeting and invite me to speak and answer 
>questions and help with organization, send e-mail with all details. Until
>enough money comes in from book sales and registrations  I will have 
>to charge for my expenses.
>Tom Henley (tompayne@vic.com)
>Knoxville, TN
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