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Subject: SLS: Exodus 2000

Please stress the immense, strategic importance
of the Internet, in bringing the best to every 
home school in the nation.

We give you all the pleadings now loaded into the
Supreme Law Library, at the URL just below my name
here, as our contribution to this effort.  We now
have 4 of 30 total cases loaded and available, and
we are seeking interested benefactors to assist
us with pay for the webmaster, and his trainee.

And more works are being written all the time.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

copy:  Supreme Law School

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>Subject:  Exodus 2000
>An old friend of mine (an ex-political operative) is also an ex-chaplin in 
>the US army.  He runs a ministry here in South Carolina for service men. 
> He appeared as a spokesman with us in various rallies to keep the flag 
>flying.  He is well connected with various people in and out of politics 
>and the Christian Coalition.  His new project, however, is to bring 
>students out of government schools.  Hence his new project, "Exodus 2000" 
>which is aimed at promoting home schooling and Christian schools.  (His 
>wife is a teacher at the largest Christian school here in Columbia. His 
>son, by the way, is a Citadel grad and a young attorney here in Columbia 
>who is helping with a legal project for the LS with me.)
>I urge all of you to write, by snail mail, to E. Ray Moore, Jr. 4700 
>Norwood Road, Columbia, SC 29206 and ask for his packet on Exodus 2000.  Or 
>you can call him at (803) 787-6978.
>I will be showing his material and making use of his services with the 
>League in North Carolina and other places.
>(Stacy McCain, I especiall recomment his material to you since you are so 
>interested in education.  I sent him several of your writings which I 
>pulled off the net.)
>Lake High, SC

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