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Subject: SLS: Leaflets and Photocopy Machines (fwd)

Be sure to stress that the money
being collected is NOT paying for ANY
government services;  it is being
laundered out of the country and
into the pockets of foreign bankers,
most of whom are aliens opposed to
the American way of life (read 
"freedom").  This one fact usually
wakes people up.  If they want proof,
tell them to locate and read the
Grace Commission report.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 11:47 PM 9/25/97 +0000, you wrote:
>*Jus Dare*
>Leaflets and Photocopy Machines
>From: "Frank Brady" <caf@sky.net>
>Organization: Coalition for an American Future
>Subject: Re: A Good Question Can Be a Bad Argument!
>On 25 Sep 97 at 0:40, Harold Thomas wrote one of his typically 
>brilliant and well-reasoned pieces in which he cited the efforts of
>Terry  Stough and others now  attempting to bring the IRS to heel.
>I won't repost Harold's  entire essay here, although you really 
>should read it if you have not already done so. I do want to address
>and expand upon one paragraph, because it puts a central issue on the
>table for all to consider:  Harold wrote:
>> What is the next step?  Only a few come to mind:  1. Give up. (If
>> you cant' beat 'em, join 'em)  2. Drop out. (If you can't beat 'em,
>> fool 'em.) 3. Revolt. (If you can't beat 'em, shoot 'em.)  and 4.
>> Litigate (If you can't beat 'em, sue 'em.)
>My purpose in posting  is to suggest a 5th option.
>Larry Becraft's skillful efforts have made significant progress on the
>legal front, but if the battle is to be won it will require a
>two-pronged effort, one in the government's courts, the other in the
>court of public opinion. Those who are waging the latter fight will
>have to approach their task with the same tireless energy and
>intelligence that Larry Becraft brings to the court room. 
>Terry and others have done much to put the income tax and issues
>surrounding it on the front burner. That various "tax reform"
>proposals played a role in the last presidential election campaign is
>evidence of nervousness on the political establishment's part. So are
>the widely-publicized hearings just concluded by Senator Roth's Senate
>Committee on Finance in which the IRS was roundly (if hypocritically)
>roasted by politicians from both parties, many of whom have been
>active in the crafting the deliberate muddiness of the Tax Code's
>seven million words and benefit from its ambiguity.
>Our efforts are aimed at eliminating an illegal and brutal tax 
>system. For some of us (including this writer), achieving this is a
>vital first step in the process of returning Constitutional government
>to the United States.
>The government gets away with the income tax scam because the vast
>majority of Americans believe that they are legally required to file a
>return and pay the tax. We CAN win this battle, but to do so we must
>broaden the audience. We must increase awareness of the truth about
>the income tax and the IRS beyond those who are active in
>politically-focused listservs and use-net groups pre-disposed to
>sympathy toward our efforts. We must mobilize the
>politically-ambivalent majority, including the many millions of
>Americans who do not own a computer or have Internet access.
>How do we do it? Recent history has much to teach us.
>The former Soviet Union held a complete monopoly on national radio and
>television stations. On the eve of its disintegration, it possessed
>what was arguably the most massive accumulation of modern weapons and
>trained manpower ever assembled on the globe. It's collapse was not
>brought about by superior military forces or a violent mass uprising.
>The Soviet Union fell because its government and its system lost moral
>authority in the eyes of the people. It has been observed that the
>Soviet Communist System was felled by the photocopy machine and that
>is largely true.
>All of us with the means to do so should emulate much of what Terry
>Stough is doing. We should post INFORMATION about the IRS and the
>income tax (and links to appropriate Web Sites) on every discussion
>group and listserv that will allow it within the rules.
>But we should do much more. Let us borrow a page from the Russian
>people and "leaflet the world" about this issue. A tremendous amount
>of well-researched and documented information is available from
>credible Internet sites, including
>http://www.logoplex.com/resources/becraft/ (Larry Becraft) and
>http://www.halcyon.com/harold/ (Harold Thomas). You are also welcome,
>of course, to visit http://www.sky.net/~caf and help yourself to
>everything available from the "Main Menu" page. The number of sites
>addressing this issue is growing, so don't limit yourself to those
>I've listed. Do a search on "income tax" and you'll identify many
>additional resources to support your effort.
>Download that which strikes your fancy, print it, and give copies to
>your friends, relatives and neighbors. Leave leaflets in doorways,
>under windshields, in malls, in parking lots, etc., etc. Just a few
>active people with high speed printers and the willingness to invest a
>few hours a week in this activity could quickly galvanize a city into
>a mobilized group of educated citizens demanding action.
>Enlist sympathetic talk-radio personalities and make this a discussion
>topic. It is wise to give them access to first-class material well in
>advance of attempting to raise the topic on the air. 
>Write letters to the editor and opinion pieces for publication in
>local newspapers.
>In my experience, this issue transcends traditional partisan 
>politics. Everyone in America is a potential activist, from the 
>blue-collar union worker to the business executive. ALL of them 
>should be involved, regardless of their computer literacy. The 
>political establishment is already fearful of growing public mistrust
>and anger. All that is necessary to eliminate this tyrannical and
>dishonest tax system is that we tell enough people the truth about
>what has been done to them. The rest will follow.
>Let us begin tomorrow morning.
>Frank Brady
>Executive Director
>Coalition for an American Future
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