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What I could do with $8 billion!

What we DID with $2,500!!!

Idiots can never learn.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>>>Subject: IRS abuses
>>>National Center for Policy Analysis
>>>Thursday, September 25, 1997
>>>In Today's News
>>>Witnesses testifying yesterday before a Senate committee investigating the
>>>Internal Revenue Service painted a picture of sloppy investigations that
>>>harm innocent taxpayers, audits targeted at those less able to defend
>>>themselves and bungled management of new computer systems.
>>>One of the witnesses, a Syracuse University researcher, presented a
>>>computer analysis of government data which showed startling trends:
>>>        *       The number of audits assigned to inexperienced junior
>>>personnel rather than experienced professional auditors rose from 20
>>>percent just a decade ago to 58 percent by 1995.
>>>        *        Meanwhile, the conviction rate on cases the IRS referred
>>>for criminal prosecution dropped from 61 percent to 43 percent -- while the
>>>number of cases the Justice Department found unworthy of prosecution nearly
>>>tripled to 2,000 a year.
>>>        *       The audit rate on individuals earning $100,000 or more
>>>dropped from 11.4 percent to 2.8 percent between 1988 and 1995, while the
>>>audit rate on those earning under $25,000 doubled to 2 percent -- even
>>>though these audits involved much less money.
>>>        *       Audits of large corporations, which produce 58 percent of
>>>underpayments the IRS finds, have dwindled to 0.2 percent -- but audits on
>>>smaller businesses, which yield only 11 percent of underpayments, have
>>>doubled to nearly 6 percent.
>>>Critics say this is evidence of a pattern of going after individuals and
>>>businesses which are less able to contest IRS claims.
>>>Although the IRS has spent about $8 billion on new computer systems in the
>>>past decade, they are reportedly poorly engineered and frequently
>>>malfunction -- creating havoc among taxpayers and the IRS alike.
>>>Source: Editorial, "Abuses, Mismanagement Show IRS Needs Shakeup," USA
>>>Today, September 25, 1997.
>>>                               DALLAS, TEXAS
>>>                      "Making Ideas Change the World"
>>>                             Internet Address:
>>>                            http://www.ncpa.org

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