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>Date: Sun, 2 Jun 1996 17:13
>From: jwhitley@inforamp.net (John K. Whitley)
>Subject: BILDERBERG Conference ends; list of attendees...
>                             BILDERBERG MEETING!
>Toronto Bilderberg Conference
>Contact: John Whitley
>416-481 4868/fax: 416-322 7238
>e-mail: jwhitley@inforamp.net
>TORONTO, 2nd June--The supersecretive 1996 Bilderberg Conference at King
>City, north of Toronto, ends today. As usual, the 120 assorted members of
>European royalty, internancial financiers, major newspaper publishers, heads
>of supranational agencies, leading U.S. and North American politicians, and
>selected titans of industry and commerce have managed to conceal - so far -
>the substance of, and the concensus reached after, each of their "Round
>Table" discussions.
>The Toronto-based NEW WORLD ORDER INTELLIGENCE UPDATE [Web address:
>http://www.inforamp.net/~jwhitley], which first alerted the Toronto media
>and wire services to this well- concealed huddle of the super-rich and
>-influential publicity-shy elite, has stated repeatedly, based on sources we
>consider absolutely reliable, that we understand that one of their main
>topics of discussion has been a prearranged Unilateral Declaration of
>Independence by Quebec. For a variety of reasons, we expect this to occur
>between February and April of 1997. The ultimate aim of the slow and
>prolonged destruction of Canada as a viable national entity which would
>follow is a predetermined Continental Union of Canada and the U.S. by the
>year 2005.
>We invite you to remember which Canadians attended this Conference if Quebec
>UDI does in fact occur early next year: Premier Mike Harris of Ontario,
>recently-returned from his first-ever discussion with Premier Lucien
>Bouchard of Quebec , just prior to the Conference; Prime Minister Jean
>Chretien, whose "counsellor, strategist and advisor" for the past thirty
>years has been Mitchell Sharp, a key member of David Rockefeller's
>Trilateral Commission; Paul Martin, Finance Minister, and a product of Paul
>Desmarais' - also a Trilateral Commission member - Power Corporation; Lloyd
>Axworthy, Foreign Affairs Minister; Conrad Black, ardent international
>businessman and Chairman of Hollinger, Inc.,; Frederik Eaton, wealthy scion
>of the Eaton department store family; Allan Gotlieb, former Ambassador to
>the U.S.; Anthony Griffin, Honorary Chairman, Guardian Group; Ted Rogers,
>communications and cable mogul; and Red Wilson, Chairman of Bell Canada
>David Rockefeller, himself, the "titan of the Western hemisphere", is of
>course also in attendance.
>Prime Minister Chretien "excused" his presence at this Conference by stating
>that the members of the Bilderberg Conference were traditionally welcomed by
>the Head of State of the host country. This is not in fact so: the
>Bilderbergers meet secretly as, when and where they want, without respect of
>protocol. One glaring example of this was the September, 1958, meeting at
>the Palace Hotel in Buxton, Derbyshire, England. One contemporary observer
>stated that:
> The Mayor of Buxton, whose courteous function it was to welcome conferences
> to his town, was rudely ignored, as the Queen seems to have been, by Prince
> Bernhard of the Netherlands, whose presence on British soil one would have
> thought neccessitated a courtesy call on Her Majesty. Protocol goes by the
>      board when esoteric international policies are to be discussed.
>A.K Chesterton, the astute and informed author of THE NEW UNHAPPY LORDS, had
>this to say concerning the Bilderberg Conference:
>   To the unsuspecting, all this might seem innocuous, almost fatuous. For
> instance, there might not appear to be much danger in a body that does not
>  attempt to reach conclusions or to recommend policies. However, there are
>  other factors to be taken into account. Quite a lot of money is needed to
>  fly [120] delegates from all over the world to an annual conference. Who
>finds that money, and why? And who delegates the delegates? The author finds
> it hard to believe that the expense is incurred merely for the pleasure of
>  staging discussions not aimed at any conclusions. Let their be no doubts
>about this business. When [such people] foregather it is not for the purpose
> of amiable chats and mutual back-scratching. If the Bilderberg Conferences
>      reach no conclusions and recommend no policies, it is because the
> conclusions have already been reached and the policies determined, so that
> the delegates assemble to be told what the form is. They do not need to be
> given their orders. Once the form is declared they know well enough what is
>                            expected of them..."
>Who indeed selects the delegates? Who sets the agenda? And who is "higher"
>than the Bilderbergers; who, by their own admission, "reach no decisions and
>come to no conclusions" during their Conferences?
>Sharp-eyed observers might ask themselves who Mr. Carl Bildt, the
>cryptically-described "High representative" in the following list of
>Bilderberg attendees, represents.
>Can a small coterie of international groups and national financial titans
>truly exert this amount of influence upon both the nature and direction of
>national policy and international events?
>Respected author, Malachi Martin, who has top-level connections in the
>Vatican and around the world, has written a number of interesting and
>revealing books on international politics and the Roman Catholic church and
>Pontiff. In THE KEYS OF THIS BLOOD, which centres on the life and
>connections of the present Pope, Martin made this intriguing statement:
>     "Television commentator Bill Moyers found out during a fifteen-day,
> globe-spanning trip in the company of David Rockefeller that 'just about a
>  dozen or fifteen individuals made day-to-day decisions that regulated the
>          flow of capital and goods throughout the entire world.'"
>He quotes Bill Moyers, himself , as saying:
>   "David Rockefeller is the most conspicuous representative today of the
>ruling class, a multinational fraternity of men who shape the global economy
>                    and manage the flow of its capital.
>  Rockefeller was born to it, and he has made the most of it. But what some
> critics see as a vast international conspiracy, he considers a circumstance
>  of life and just another day's work... In the world of David Rockefeller,
>         it's hard to tell where business ends and politics begins."
>Alex Constantine [alex@directnet.com] began an intriguing Saturday, June 1st
>posting, entitled, BILDERBERG: The Round Table Of The Fourth Reich, to the
>Internet newsgroup alt.politics.org.cia with these comments:
> "As one editorial wit put it: "If the Bilderberg group is not a conspiracy
>  of some sort, it is conducted in such a way as to give a remarkably good
>                                 imitation."
> The commentary came from G. Gordon Tether, a writer for England's Financial
>   Times, subsequently ordered not to write about the organization again.
>    Within a year he was squeezed out of his position at the newspaper."
>This helps explain why Bilderberg meetings usually go completely
>unscrutinized by the media, and why the recent uninhibited TORONTO STAR
>coverage of the 1996 Toronto Bilderberg Conference is such an extraordinary
>Before listing the attendees at this year's Conference, we would like to
>draw the attention of our U.S. media readers to the following facts, also
>largely or completed unreported.
>THE NEW WORLD ORDER INTELLIGENCE UPDATE has already pointed out that
>President Bill Clinton was "anointed" for the Presidency at the 1991
>Bilderberg Conference in Baden-Baden, which he attended. What was equally
>ignored by most of the U.S. media was that he then took an unexpected,
>unannounced trip to Moscow, directly from the Bilderberg meeting .
>He met for one-and- a-half hours, on Tuesday, June 9th, with Soviet Interior
>Minister Vadim Bakatin. Mr. Vakatim, a minister in the doomed cabinet of
>President Mikhail Gorbachev, was in the middle of campaigning in the
>fiercely-contestested Presidential election, the vote for which was a mere
>six days away - yet he took one-and-a-half hours out of his crowded schedule
>to meet unexpectedly with the internationally-obscure Governor of Arkansas.
>Mr. Bakatin's subsequent career might privide a clue. Although Gorbachev
>lost the Presidential election, Bakatin, a "reformer", was rewarded by
>President Yeltsin with the top spot at the KGB. It would appear that
>President Clinton was sent by the Bilderbergers directly to Moscow to get
>his KGB student-era, anti-Vietnam war files "buried" before anouncing his
>candidacy for the Presidency some two-and-a-half months later.
>One of the few U.S. papers to run this story was the ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT,
>which did so under the headline CLINTON HAS POWERFUL BUDDY IN U.S.S.R. - NEW
>It may come as no surprise, therefore, when we state that, through our own
>Bilderberger-backed President Clinton has promised President Yeltsin that,
>after he has won the upcoming U.S. Presidential election, Russian warships
>will be given full refuelling and other port privileges at all U.S. Navy
>bases. One wonders about the content of that intense 1991 private
>conversation with Mr. Bakatin.
>The NEW WORLD ORDER INTELLIGENCE UPDATE would like to publicly say "Goodbye"
>to each of the shy Bilderberg attendees who've graced our city with their
>virtually-invisible but luminous presence during the past four days. We must
>all get together again, Queens, money moguls, assorted pols, and you, too,
>Big Dave! Be very sure that we'll be watching out for you.
>                     LIST OF 1996 BILDERBERG ATTENDEES
>   * * Paul Allaire [ Chairman of Xerox]
>   * * Dwayne Andreas [Chairman, Archer-Daniels, Midland]
>   * * Lloyd Benson [former Treasury Secretary]
>   * * John Bryan [Chairman, Sarah Lee Corp.]
>   * * William Buckley [the NATIONAL REVIEW]
>   * * Jon Corzine [Chairman, Goldman Sachs]
>   * * Stanley Fischer [International Monetary Fund]
>   * * Charles Freeman [Former Assistant Secretary of Defence]
>   * * Richard Holbrooke [former Assistant Secretary of State]
>   * * Henry Kissinger [former U.S. Secretary of State]
>   * * Henry Kravis [Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts]
>   * * Winston Lord [Assistant Secretary of State]
>   * * Sam Nunn [U.S. Senator]
>   * * William Perry [Secretary of Defence]
>   * * David Rockefeller [Chase Manhattan Bank]
>   * * Jack Scheinkman [Chairman, Amalgamated Bank]
>   * * George Soros [President, Soros Fund Management]
>   * * George Stephanopoulos [Senior Advisor to the President]
>   * * Alex Trotma [Chairman, Ford Motor Company]
>   * * John Whitehead [former Deputy Secretary of State]
>   * * Lloyd Axworthy [Minister of Foreign Affairs]
>   * * Conrad Black [Chairman, Hollinger Inc.,]
>   * * Jean Chretien [Prime Minister of Canada]
>   * * Frederik Eaton [Chairman, Eatons]
>   * * Al Flood [Chairman, CIBC]
>   * * Allan Gottlieb [former Amassador to U.S.]
>   * * Anthony Griffin [Hon. Chairman, Guardian Group]
>   * * Mike Harris [Premier of Ontario]
>   * * Paul Martin [Finance Minister]
>   * * Sylvia Ostry [Centre fot International Studies, Univ. of Toronto]
>   * * Ted Rogers [President, Rogers Communications]
>   * * Red Wison [Chairman, Bell Canada Enterprises]
>   * * Andrzej Olechowski [Former Polish Foreign Affairs Minister]
>   * * Flavio Cotti [Foreign Affairs Minister, Czech Republic]
>   * * Cornelio Sommaruga [President, Red Cross Committee, Czech Republic]
>   * * Gyorgy Suranyi [President, National Bank of Hungary
>   * * Lord Carrington [Conference chairman: former NATO Secretary-General]
>   * * Martti Ahtissaari [Finnish President]
>   * * Giovanni Agnelli [Hon. Chairman, Fiat, Italy]
>   * * Anders Aslund [Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Sweden]
>   * * Francisco Pinto Balscmao [Former Prime Minister of Portugal]
>   * * Percy Barnevik [President, ABB Asca Brown Boveri, Sweden]
>   * * Queen Beatrix [the Netherlands]
>   * * Franco Bernabe [CEO, Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi, Italy]
>   * * Carl Bildt [the High representative]
>   * * Frits Bolkestein [Liberal Party leader, Netherlands]
>   * * Jaime Carvarja Urquito [Chairman, Iberfomento, Spain]
>   * * Bertrand Collomb [Chairman, Lafarge, France]
>   * * George David [Chairman, Hellenic Bottling, Greece]
>   * * Etienne Davignon [Executive Chairman, Societie Generale de Belgique,
>     Belgium]
>   * * Gazi Ercel [Central Bank of Turkey]
>   * * Emre Gonesay [Governor, Central Bank of Turkey]
>   * * Westye Hoegh [Chairman, Leif Hoegh & Co., Norway]
>   * * Jan Huyghebaert [Chairman, Almanij-Kredietbank Group, Belgium]
>   * * Jaakko Iloniemi [Former Finnish ambassor to U.S.]
>   * * Peter Job [Chief Executive, Reuters, Britain]
>   * * Lionel Jospin [Socialist Party leader, France]
>   * * Dietrich Karner [Chairman, Erste Allgemeine-Generali
>     Aktiengesclischaft, Austria]
>   * * Andrew Knight [News Corp., Britain]
>   * * Max Kohnstamm [European Policy Centre, Belgium]
>   * * Phillipe Maystadt [Finance Minister, Belgium]
>   * * Ad P.W. Melkert [Social Affairs Minister, Netherlands]
>   * * John Monks [Union Leader, Britain]
>   * * Mario Monti [European Commissioner]
>   * * Theodoros Pangalos [Foreign Affairs Minister, Greece]
>   * * Jan Petersen [Conservative Party leader, Norway]
>   * * Malcolm Rifkind [Foreign Secretary, Britain]
>   * * Simon Robertson [Chairman, Kleinwort Benson Group, Britain]
>   * * Renato Ruggiero [Director-General, World Trade Organization]
>   * * Mona Sahlin [Member of Swedish Parliament]
>   * * Jurgen Schrempp [Chairman, Daimler-Benz, Germany]
>   * * Klaus Schwab [President, World Economic Forum]
>   * * Queen Sofia [Spain]
>   * * Peter Sutherland [former Director-General, GATT and WTO]
>   * * Morris Tabaksblat [Chairman, Unilever, Netherlands]
>   * * J. Martin Taylor [Chief Executive, Barclays Bank, Britain]
>   * * Franz Vranitzky [Chancellor of Austria]
>   * * Antonio Vitorino [Deputy Prime Minister, Portugal]
>   * * Karel Vuursteen [Chairman, Heineken, Netherlands]
>   * * James Wolfensohn [President, World Bank]
>Are those who direct the Bilderbergers, the "just about a dozen or fifteen
>individuals [who make] day-to-day decisions that regulated the flow of
>capital and goods throughout the entire world.'" who Bill Moyers spoke of,
>now filling the positions of those individuals of whom President Woodrow
>Wilson wrote about in his book, THE NEW FREEDOM:
>" Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and
>    manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power
>somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete,
>  so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they
>                        speak in condemnation of it."
>Canadian and Americans will never know. The Bilderbergers, whether through
>fear or purpose, maintain their vows of silence. And the press, apart from
>the TORONTO STAR, have willingly shielded them in privacy.
>We can now only await the outworkings of their secret deliberations.
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