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>Subject: Answers.
>Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 09:53:30 -0500
>Dear Congress people,
>I have been studying the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) for over 30+ years.  I
>became a financial planner and a series licensed stockbroker over 20+ years
>ago.  I have had hundreds of clients and not one person that I have spoken
>to, knows the law that makes them liable to pay or the person liable to
>file a 1040 form.  The list of people includes CPA and lawyers.  I have
>read and reread the Internal Revenue Code and all the research that has
>been done and reported on the Internet.  If there is a law, it needs to be
>in plain English and no double talk, so the CPA and the lawyers can point
>it out to the people.
>I have talked to many IR agents and they do not know the law that makes you
>liable or any other questions that I have asked them both on the phone and
>in letterform.  I have tapes and made copies of my talks to IR agents.  I
>have one where the IR agent told me that she worked for the Internal
>Revenue Service and she did not have to obey the law.  You see I believe
>that I understand the IRC and the IR agent are a collection service and
>they only know how to get money out of people with threats and
>intimidation, as you have read in the papers and seen on the CNN reporting
>on the IR hearings.  All the people of the several states are afraid of the
>IR agent.
>I have my own story but it is not about money, they just put you through
>hell, maybe hell is better, all I know is it causes people to kill
>I just witnessed a judge not telling the whole truth in a court of law. 
>Isn't a courtroom for all the truth?  The trail is about filing a 1040
>form.  He says that every taxpayer must file a tax return, but are all the
>people taxpayers?  As a financial planner, it was my job to know the tax
>laws and not every person is a taxpayer.  So just what makes one of the
>people a person made liable or a taxpayer?  I believe the only answer for
>the people living and working in the 50 several states is that they were
>told they had to.  I have never read or seen any law that requires anyone
>inhabiting or working in the 50 several states to file a 1040 form.  You
>need to have the judges testify in the IR hearing.
>Why do I send this letter to you? 
>1. The IR agents tell me to contact my congressperson.  I have and all you
>do is sent the request to an IR agent to answer and I get the same old
>answers.  They do not know the law and they do not answer the question
>asked of them because they either do not know the answer or they are lying
>to the people.  
>2. You, as congresspersons, write the bills that become law.  I know that
>most of them have never been properly ratified per the law of the land.  IF
>you do not know this than you need to reread the Organic Constitution of
>the united States of America.  I have a copy of the Constitution that was
>printed for the law academy of Philadelphia in 1834.  If you do not have a
>copy of this book, you may not know that you have been and are still being
>lied to!
>3.  I know you were not born when the problem started and neither was I. 
>To correct the problem you have to know and tell the truth.
>4.  Most of IR agents do not know the truth.  Some of the IR agent has been
>lied to.  The American people have been lied to.  The IR agents are not
>required to sign under penalty of perjury, but the person that files a 1040
>form does.  That does not sound good in my book.
>5. I have a video of an IR agent that I recorded and he would not say that
>he works for the united States Government.  If he does as everyone thinks
>they do, why did he not just say that he worked for the Government?  Why do
>the IR agents get their payroll checks from the Dept. of Agriculture?
>6.  I heard on CNN on the hearings that the IR agents work for the united
>States Government.  I want proof of that statement.  I want you as Congress
>people to provide me with the ratified law that makes them an agent of the
>united States Government.
>7. If you can actual do this and I do not think you can, then I want the
>delegation of authority for them to be collecting assets from the people
>inhabiting the several states.
>8. Last I want the agents that testified in your hearings certification of
>oath of office that is required of all people that work for the united
>States Government.  I also want all the congress people that were in the
>hearing certification of oath of office.
>9.  I also want the law that requires the people that inhabit the several
>states, to file a 1040 form.
>10. Are you operating under some declared or undeclared war and is the
>President running the united States under executive orders, whereby you as
>Congress people do not have any say in the running the Government?
>I could make a list so long that it would require you to have another
>hearing to just answer the questions.  You are required to tell the truth
>and the people require you to do your jobs as elected officers of the
>united States of America.
>I am seeking accountability and competency in the process of instituting
>lawful government under the Constitution of the united States of America
>being "the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be
>bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the
>Contrary notwithstanding".  Article VI, Section 2.
>11.  What part of notwithstanding do yuo not understand?
>12. Why did Paul Harvey announced on national radio, that "the 10th Circuit
>Court has admitted that we are not required to file a 1040 form?"  Why do
>some judge know the truth and some don't  or is some of them lying to the
>13. I require anyone that works for the united States Government to comment
>on the truth in the following article that I wrote:
>I have reviewed the Internal Revenue Code  (IRC) volume 1 and 2, and you
>will notice that each of the following Sections defines "United States"
>differently.  My initial question was why does the IRC define "United
>States" differently, period.  The following can be documented by reviewing
>the IRC, which you can find in any city library.  
>Turn to Employment taxes, Chapters 21 through 25 of Subtitle C of the Code.
> You will see Sec. 3121 Definitions listed under Chapter 21 -- Federal
>insurance contribution act. Sec. 3121(b) Employment; takes over eleven
>pages and has some key words in it, 'within the United States' and 'outside
>United States'.  Now turn to 3121(e), it reads as follows -- 'state, United
>States, and Citizen -- For purposes of this chapter  --  (1) State. -- The
>term "state" includes the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto
>Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa.  (2) United States --
>The term "United States" when used in a geographical sense includes the
>Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, and American
>Samoa..' Note: they did not define "Citizen".   I guess they could not
>figure out a way to deceive you and make it sound legal.  Just to remind
>you, the rule of statutory construction is every time you see any
>derivative of the word 'include'  you should think 'include only' or
>'includes only' or 'including only'.  Note the IRC even changed the meaning
>of "include".  I can only agree why it is called a code.
>Turn to Sec. 4612(a) For purposes of this subchapter meaning A -- Tax on
>Petroleum.  '#(4). United States -- (A) In General. -- The term "United
>States" means the 50 states, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of
>Puerto Rico, any possession of the United States, the commonwealth of the
>Northern Mariana Islands, and the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.' 
>You should note that this Sec. does not use the word include.  If the code
>is for us why are their different definitions for the "United States"? 
>There is more!
>Turn to Subtitle F -- Procedure and Administration and then to Sec.
>6103(b)(5)(A).  'State. -- The term "State" means -- (A) any of the 50
>States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the
>Virgin Islands, the Canal Zone, Guam, American Samoa, and the Commonwealth
>of the Northern Mariana Islands, and....'  You should also note that the
>word include is not used in this Section, either.
>At first I was so confused that I decided to go to the Black's Law
>Dictionary.  I was taught in school that the first listed definition is the
>most widely used and I was even more confused when I read the first
>definition, 'This term has several meanings.'  Congress on Oct. 3, 1913, on
>pg. 177 of the record states 'H.  That the word "State" or "United States"
>when used in this section shall be construed to include any Territory,
>Alaska, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Philippine Islands,
>when such construction is necessary to carry out its provisions'. I have
>read the two volumes several times and I believe that I am not a United
>States citizen.  Therefore, for the IRC, I am a Nonresident alien
>individual as defined in Sec. 871 in Subpart A of Subchapter N of Chapter 1
>of Subtitle A of Title 26.  I do not live in or have income that is
>connected with the conduct of a trade or business within the United States
>as defined in Employment Taxes sec. 3121(b).  If you understand what the
>words mean then you too will see in Sec. 871(c) that the people inhabiting
>and working in the several state are not within the United States or even
>temporarily present in the United States unless you are in the District of
>Columbia or it's Territories as defined Sec. 3121(e).		
>I believe if they defined "United States" in Sec. 3121(e) under Employment
>Taxes, the same way they defined it in Sec. 4612(a) under Subchapter A. -
>Tax on petroleum,  then the Sixteenth Amendment would be unconstitutional. 
>Since the sixteenth Amendment is only for U.S. Citizens, then only the
>citizens of the United States as defined in Sec. 3121(e) are subject to the
>IRC.  Please read the Constitution for the rest of the story.  
>The IRC is not for people inhabiting the several states (50 united States
>of America) and if you inhabit them you should not be using the IRC to
>defend yourself.  Just read the IRC and if you can understand all the
>double talk, you to will see for yourself, that it is not for you, unless
>you work in "State" or "United States" as defined in Section 3121(e) of the
>IRC.  See 6331 (a) of the IRC.  It states: "Levy may be made upon the
>accrued salary of wages of any officer, employee, or elected official, of
>the United States, the District of Columbia or any agency or
>instrumentality of the United States or District of Columbia by serving a
>notice of levy on the employer (as defined in section3401 (d)) of such
>officer, employee, or elected official."  End of story!
>Further evidence was presented on the episode of 20/20 that aired in April
>of 1994. Phillip and Marlene Marsh of the Pilot Connection offered a
>$100,000 reward for anyone who could produce a law that required them to
>file a Form 1040.  The IRS  was on the show and did not claim the reward. 
>I have since read the following: "November 30, 1994 was a great day for
>every freedom loving America!  Phillip and Marlene Marsh of the Pilot
>Connection, were indicted last year after 'untaxing' over 10,000 Citizens
>and blasting the IRS on the 20/20 national television program.  The jury
>verdict is in!  The Marshes and the other 6 defendants were NOT convicted
>on any of the 45 counts the Government brought against them!  The rest of
>the story: I have been told that they were retried and are now in jail.  I
>believe the answer to "Why do so many people go to jail?" can only be
>answered by "They just don't know the law and just stop filing".  They use
>the the wrong part of the  IRC to defend themself.  You can not just stop
>filing.  Another reason people go to jail is that they rely on a lawyer and
>a lawyer just does not know the law, either! 
>Paul Harvey announced on national radio, that the 10th Circuit Court has
>admitted that we are not "required" to file a 1040 form!!"
>Stop by your local IRS office and ask for  the booklet "Instructions for
>Form 1040NR".  Read page 2, Resident Alien or Nonresident Alien.  If you
>know who you are and where you live, you will realize that you are a
>"nonresident Alien".  Now it gets tricky.  If you read "Who Must File", #1
>doesn't sound right, #2 doesn't sound right, #3 doesn't sound right and
>neither does #4.  So you must not have to file, right?  Well if you want to
>be on the safe side maybe you should file a 1040NR.  Remember that your
>income within the U.S. is '0'.  Where to file is also very important.  You
>must send the return to the correct address.  Do not put your S.S.N. on the
>form or attach a W-2 to the return.  Your S.S.N. which is on your W-2
>admits that you have declared that you are a U.S. Citizen. You have signed
>your last three year's 1040 forms, which also declared you as U.S. Citizen.
> Do not use a zip code or two letter abbreviation of the state you inhabit
>because it also denotes that you inhabit a territory.  Note: now that you
>know that you are not a U.S. Citizen and you sign a 1040 form, I believe
>you are committing "perjury".  If you want to elect to be taxed as a
>Resident Alien, just read the next section of the 1040NR instructions.  You
>may not file a joint return.  If your spouse elects to file as a U.S.
>Citizen (see Pub. 515 page 2 and also page 5 under Employees), you must
>also file as a U.S. citizen.  If you decide that you are a "nonresident
>alien, you should file 1040NR's for the last three years.   
>This information is distributed by a sovereign Citizen of one of the 50
>States under the First Amendment Rights of the Constitution.  I am not a
>Tax Protester.  I do not disagree with or protest the law.  The Law, the
>Income Tax Regulations and the supreme Court all concur: "Compensation for
>labor, earned by an American Citizen, in any of the 50 states, an
>occupation of common right, is not taxable"!  "The graduated income tax is
>100% voluntary for these citizen"!  I agree, so there is no law to protest!
> Everyone is presumed to know the "Law", so please call Free the People! a
>division of: We the People (714) 375-6631 to order a book that will help
>you learn the truth.
>Remember the saying "The Truth Shall Set You Free!". 
>Reported by Media Bypass Magazine Sept. 1996 (800) 429-7277. The "IRS" is
>not a lawful entity but just another "term".  The term "Director, Alcohol,
>Tobacco and Firearms Division" has been replaced by the term  "Internal
>Revenue Service" can be found in Federal Register Vol. 41, Sept. 15, 1976.
>An article titled "Victory Over the Internal Revenue Service" was printed
>in Veritas newspaper in July, 1996, stated: "On September 21, 1992, Tom
>Sullivan radio talk show (KFBK in Sacramento, California), hosted two IRS
>agents, Vicky Willis and John Deering, who admitted that forty percent of
>the potential 175 million plus American 'taxpayers' are not filing federal
>income tax returns.  These IRS agents told us that 70 million potential
>'taxpayers' are not filing federal income tax returns.  This is why Bill
>Archer, Newt Gingrich, Richard Armey and others are making statements like
>those recorded in the U. S. News & World Report.  One way or another, the
>current and unlawfully applied income tax will cease to exist.  Either the
>government will abolish it or the people will." 
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