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All the more reason to sharpen those wooden stakes,
and start swinging those sledge hammers, to build
momentum.  Our Congress is criminal.  Period.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>For release: September 25, 1997
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>George Getz, Deputy Director of Communications
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>Libertarians ask: If the IRS is so terrible,
>why did Congress just increase its budget?
>        WASHINGTON, DC -- The IRS is a "troubled agency" that is
>"terrorizing innocent Americans and wrecking our lives," Congress
>says -- so why did it just vote to increase the agency's budget by $600
>        That's the question Libertarians are asking today as
>politicians listen to three days of Congressional hearings about IRS
>        "You don't increase a bully's allowance just before you spank
>him," said the Libertarian Party's national chairman Steve Dasbach.
>"But that's exactly what Congress has done.
>        "Politicians just voted to give the Internal Revenue Service
>$600 million more -- so IRS agents can file more erroneous tax
>assessments, target more defenseless mom-and-pop businesses for
>harassment, use more fake names to cover their crimes, and drive more
>taxpayers to suicide," he said.
>        Those are the kinds of tragic and outrageous stories that the
>Senate Finance Committee is hearing from abused taxpayers -- stories
>that are being corroborated by IRS agents wearing hoods to protect
>their identities, he noted.
>        "This week, America is hearing in graphic detail the crimes
>committed by the IRS," said Dasbach. "They are also seeing Republican
>and Democratic politicians pretend to be outraged about how the IRS
>breaks the law, tramples our rights, and rifles through our pockets.
>        "But just one week before they held this public hearing, these
>politicians voted to increase the budget of the agency they are now
>criticizing. Libertarians want to know: If Congress wants to rein in
>the IRS, why did Congress give it more money to terrorize more
>Americans and wreck more lives?"
>        And while the hearings go on, the IRS continues to grow,
>Dasbach noted. It already has 102,000 employees -- who are busy
>investigating, prying, fining, filing criminal charges, and seizing
>property. Last year alone, the IRS filed 750,000 liens against
>taxpayers, imposed 3.2 million fines, and seized 10,000 pieces of
>        And the IRS is also busy keeping lists of Americans who
>exercise their First Amendment rights by criticizing the agency,
>according to new testimony.
>        IRS historian Shelley Davis testified that the IRS illegally
>maintains files of so-called "tax protesters" -- people whose only
>"crime" might have been to write a letter to a newspaper criticizing
>the IRS or the income tax. For IRS agents, "criticism of the IRS or the
>income tax equals tax protester," she testified to the Senate Finance
>        Ironically, if that accusation is true, the IRS now considers
>several U.S. Senators criminals, noted Dasbach.
>        For example, the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee,
>Republican Senator William Roth, said the IRS engages in "abusive and
>illegal acts," and Republican Senator Don Nickles said the IRS has an
>"unbelievable power to wreck lives."
>        Yet, despite all the hash criticism, Dasbach predicted that the
>hearings will end without any significant reforms to the IRS.
>        "Once the cameras are turned off, not one dollar will be cut
>from the IRS budget, not one IRS supervisor will be fired, and not one
>IRS lawbreaker will be sent to jail," he said. "Politicians say they
>want to protect us from the government agencies they've created. But
>don't believe them.
>        "When these IRS bullies are finished testifying about their
>criminal acts, they will take off their hoods and go back to work,
>terrorizing American taxpayers. It will take more than one
>grandstanding Congressional hearing to make politicians realize that
>the only way to protect us from the IRS is to abolish it," he said.
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As agents of the Most High, we came here to establish justice.  We shall
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