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I say to you now, great hatred for living:  
the days of hegemony are already numbered;
your plans to assault this land -- 
promised freedom -- are doomed to fail, 
as surely as sunrise -- try as you may, 
to subdue us by force, by guile, or greed.  
The Perfect Law of Freedom is here Supreme -- 
and this, you shall never have known, 
as your troops are buried, in multitudes 
of soft earth, watered by great rivers, and
flushed to the sea, to rest there forever, 
and a day.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

And, of course, there are American racketeers
who are understudies of such lucrative Chinese

/s/ Paul Mitchell

> (EW)(PENTHOUSE) Highlights From the November Penthouse:
> Chinese Takeout:  Prisoners Executed to Become Organ Donors 
>   Entertainment Editors
>   NEW YORK--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE) -- Sept. 24, 1997 -- The Chinese 
>government is at the center of a lucrative organ industry, supplied 
>by executed prisoners who are executed so that doctors may take their
>organs and transplant them into wealthy patients.  The bizarre organ 
>transplant system, which is run virtually along the lines of a modern
>business, is uncovered in an investigative report in the November 
>issue of Penthouse.  The magazine says China is systematically 
>killing prisoners -- up to 3,000 a year -- and then selling their 
>kidneys, corneas, hearts and other organs to high ranking Chinese 
>civil servants or wealthy foreigners.  
>   Reporter Catherine Field quotes sources such as Human Rights 
>Watch in her story.  She says more than 100 Chinese hospitals are 
>participating in the scheme, which is run by provincial or regional 
>governments or the People's Liberation Army.  They run clinics that 
>charge $25,000 to $30,000 for the operation and aftercare.  Doctors 
>who refer patients to the scheme also are paid a fee.  China has 
>devised sophisticated systems to keep harvested organs in tiptop 
>condition before they are transplanted.  In the days before an 
>execution, a prisoner's normally meager rations of rice and watery 
>soup are replaced by good meals and the would-be donors get complete 
>medical treatment.  
>   Reporter Field says that in Guangdong province, which has a 
>growing number of big-spending foreign customers, "there have been 
>three cases of prisoners who were still alive when put on the 
>operating table."  
>   On one occasion, "a surgeon was removing a kidney from a 
>patient -- a person who had been executed and proclaimed brain dead 
>-- when the 'corpse' grabbed the doctor's arm."  She says the source 
>for the story was the doctor himself, "still traumatized several 
>months after the incident."  (Page 22, interview available with 
>reporter Catherine Field) 

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As agents of the Most High, we came here to establish justice.  We shall
not leave, until our mission is accomplished and justice reigns eternal.
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