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To: JTrenda999@aol.com
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLF: Need attorney in So. Calif.

Contact Richard McDonald at (818) 703-5037,
and be prepared to declare and assert 
state Citizenship.  If you are not a state
Citizen, then Richard McDonald will probably
not be as interested, but let him decide that
one, okay?  

The California Civil Code says that the
only obligation imposed upon you by the operation
of law is to avoid doing damage or injury to 
other individuals, or their property.  All other
obligations derive from the contract of the
parties.  I would get the cop to admit there
was no damage or injury, then push hard to 
demonstrate the contract which would otherwise
create an obligation (to avoid possession of
this relatively harmless vegetable).  The ONLY
thing they would have going for them, at that
point, is the application for driver's license
and/or vehicle registration certificates.
Driver's licenses create the presumption that
you are subject to the State's own municipal

If they enter the vehicle registration, then
issue a subpoena duces tecum to the state DMV,
for a certified copy of the Manufacturer's
Statement of Origin;  this MSO was fraudulently
converted into the possession and control of
the State of California, rendering that State
a holder-in-due-course.  Don't waver from this
course, because the state law is clear.  If they
try to introduce federal law, argue that it can
only be federal municipal law, which is not
operative inside California state, pursuant
to the Tenth Amendment.  These points will raise
the case to the level of a constitutional 

Last but not least, probable cause for the stop
can be attacked if there was no damage or injury 
in the first place.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

copy:  Supreme Law School

At 05:43 PM 9/29/97 EDT, you wrote:
>A very dear friend of mine was pulled over just outside of Barstow with 34
>lbs of weed in the trunk. The arrest occured almost a year ago. A private
>attorney was retained for the arraignment, but now my friend is low on cash.
>He goes to court tommorrow with no attorney supposedly for his pretrial.
>Instead he will ask for a continuance. This is his first offense and he is 57
>years old. Gray hair and everything. He desperately needs an attorney who
>would be willing to wait a few weeks for payment or is willing to take assets
>instead. He has several cars, a few Harleys, a motorhome and many, many
>antiques, some of which are currently on consignment (about $30,000). A few
>have even been sold, but payment is not due for a few more weeks. 
>Anyone who can help please e-mail me at JTrenda999@aol.com
>Would accept any type of fair payment plan that is offered.
>Thank you,
>John Trenda

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