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Subject: SLS: "The ZIP Code Issue," by Howard Freeman

A government fully intent on asserting 
jurisdiction over _all_ inhabitants within
its boundaries, would hardly be able to
resist a nexus that arises from receiving
mail from their very own municipal postal

EVERYBODY gets mail, right?

What we want to do, if time and resources
permit, is to do two (2) linear regression
models -- one of the changes over time in
first class postage (for one ounce), and
a second of the changes over time in the
Consumer Price Index ("CPI").  We hypothesize
that the postage increase has been faster
than the CPI.

You know, of course, that the USPS became
a municipal corporation, and financed the
transition by selling bonds.  The foreign
banks who scooped up those bonds, obtained
liens on future postal revenues -- just like
a mini-Federal Reserve.

More frogs in boiling water, yes?

Get yourself a copy of USPS Publication #221,
and study the examples for "foreign addresses."
The federal zone is "foreign" with respect
to the organic law of each Union state,
just as much as France is "foreign" with
respect to the several states, viewed as
a collective nation. 

/s/ Paul Mitchell

p.s.  Thanks for the compliments!  
We appreciate them very much.

At 03:51 AM 9/29/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Paul,, this is great.  You know how it feels when suddenly things come
>together and make sense finally? The light bulb finally comes on!!  LOL.
>  All the unanswered questions that didn't quite fit, have been explained.
> The need to regionalize,  now makes sense.  Thanks for the effort sending
>this out.  

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