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>Why I Love America
>by Ed Wolfe
>What I love about this country has nothing to do
>with it's geographical location or it's topography
>or any other physical characteristic that is particular
>to this great country or not.
>It's the people that make America what it is and
>that set it apart from every other nation in the 
>Dating all the way back to our inception, a certain
>spirit has existed here. A spirit of independence,
>rebellion, and a resistance to be just like everyone
>else, go with the flow or to take any flak from
>The men who set this country on a collision course
>with the most powerful military in the world, did so
>over a very small taxation that they decided they 
>weren't going to put up with anymore.
>There were other complaints of course, but the tax 
>issue was one they were most vocal about. And the funny 
>thing is, it was a tiny percentage of what we pay today, 
>even when you take into consideration adjustments for
>inflation, cost of living, etc. It was a fairly small matter, but it was
>the principle of the thing that was pretty big.
>Americans are big on principles. We'll fight over 
>something that isn't even a threat to us, like one
>group of Arabs invading another Arab country. Not as 
>long as we're around buddy! We don't like little 
>countries getting picked on by bigger countries. It's
>against our principles. To put it real simply, and as 
>teenagers do everyday, "That ain't fair!"
>We'll fight for fairness. And we don't care what it 
>costs or how many people have to die, because we 
>know the difference between right and wrong and ain't
>afraid to spill a little blood on both sides to teach 
>that lesson to people who have trouble understanding it.
>We'll fight for a lot of things. Hell, we'll declare
>war not only on people, countries and opposing 
>principles, but on ideas, inanimate objects, habits
>and thoughts, if they aren't right.
>We're not afraid to take on anything. So far we have
>on-going wars against drugs and people that use them,
>bigotry and people that prefer being their own race,
>AIDS and people that don't like the carriers, extremism
>and people that think they know better than the 
>government, guns and people that think they should be allowed to keep
>them just because they obey the laws, 
>and we're about to have a war against ethnicide
>and people that won't cooperate in Bosnia, (but that will
>be a war to keep the peace, so it's not a *real* war.)
>When something ain't right, we've got what it takes
>to face the fire and put it out. If our enemy is a 
>flaming ball of magnesium and our only weapon is spit, 
>then by-gawd, we'll spit 'til we're dehydrated or that 
>fire goes out.
>It's in our blood. We, as a nation, we're born out
>of defiance for the norm and complacency in the face
>of oppression. We've had the fighting spirit ever
>since we kicked ass in our first and founding battle.
>And then we laid down the law just to make it real
>clear to anybody in the future who got any ideas
>about unfair taxation or any other oppression, that we
>won't stand for it. We were so bold, we created a 
>government, fearlessly, and put chains on it to keep
>it in check in case it tried to become an out-of-control
>We foresaw what might happen and took steps to prevent
>it. We knew that government would try to limit people's speech, take
>away their guns, prevent religous freedom, censor the press, and all
>sorts of intolerable things, so
>we added locks to the chains to make extra sure that the
>government we made could never trample on those pre-existing rights.
>Man, were we smart!
>And some of our visionaries were certain that these
>safeguards wouldn't be enough so they made sure to
>remind the people that they created the beast called
>government, and if it got out of line, then they damn 
>well better tear it down and start with a new one.
>How's that for a country with guts?
>They took one country and beat it down, and then told the people to do
>it again to the one we made for ourselves if *it* ever got out of line.
>See? We know what's right and wrong, and we believe in
>fighting for what's right, even if it means making a mess 
>in our own yard.
>We won't stand for lying, corrupt politicians, denial of our rights and
>liberties, like telling us what we can or can't say in public, taking
>away any of our guns or ammo, denying us juries of our peers, aiding or
>comforting enemy countries that would love to see us destroyed, cheating
>the people out of their votes, taking away private property without
>compensation, forced labor, unfair taxation, interfering with any part
>of our private lives like how we raise our children or educate them,
>what we do with our own land, the agreements we make with our spouses if
>get divorced, how much water we have in the tank of our toilets, whether
>or not we restrain ourselves in our personal conveyances or purchase a
>bond to cover our butts in case of an accident, where we work or who we
>hire, what we eat, drink or consume, or any other thing that we didn't
>create this government to do for us.
>We made our government for several specific tasks that
>would make things easier for us as a nation of states. We made our
>government to be a servant to US for the first time in history instead
>of the people being servants of the government, and we retained the
>right to abolish it and institute new government if it ever became
>destructive or forgot it was a servant and not a master.
>See why I love this country so much?
>We fought for our freedom and we won!
>And we won't let anyone take it away from us.
>Ed Wolfe
>Long Live Gordon Kahl !
>8 Jan 1920 - 3 June 1983
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