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Subject: SLS: Hang 'em High 

>>by Carl Klang
>>            A bureaucrat woke up one day with nothin' much to do
>>       He tried to put his street clothes on but couldn't find his shoe
>>         The night before he tied one on now cobwebs filled his head
>>          By afternoon he called in sick and then went back to bed
>>              The next day he felt shaky but he made it off to work
>>              And voted to increase his pay and take another perk
>>           Although the people cried out loud and told him what to do
>>              Instead of tryin' to cut the cost he increased revenue
>>                        Yippee Yi Yo Yippee Yi Yeah
>>           Tax hikes are on the way and he said, tax'em tax'em tax'em
>>                       Though it breaks their back some
>>                    Tax'em where they run where they hide
>>             In winters freezin' weather if we can't tax their sweater
>>                     We'll try to tax the hair off their hide
>>             My Congressman just voted yes to increase foreign aid
>>          Although our nations infrastructure's worn and torn and frayed
>>            While veterans and nations son's become the unemployed
>>            Since NAFTA passed those aliens will gladly fill the void
>>                        Yippee Yi Yo Yippee Yi Yeah
>>                      Vengeance is on the way I say......
>>             We hang'um hang'um hang'um till their toes are danglin'
>>                   Stretch those traitors necks hang'um high
>>              Before they up and bust us lets use old fashion justice
>>                    Go out and get a rope and hang'um high
>>               My Senator just voted yes to pass the "Brady Bill"
>>           He thinks if he can take my gun it's him who won't be killed
>>             He doesn't give a hang about the crime he helps create
>>              As long as bribes keep comin' in American's can wait
>>                        Yippee Yi Yo Yippee Yahweh
>>         Vengeance is on the way it's time we hang'um hang'um hang'um
>>                          Till their toes are danglin' 
>>                   Stretch those traitors necks hang'um high
>>             Before they up and bust us let's use old fashion justice
>>                    Go out and get a rope and hang'um high
>>               Check 'em out size 'em up look 'em up find 'em out
>>              If they're in vote 'em out if they're out hunt'em down
>>                  Drag'em into the court every traitorous one
>>                    Use your vote like a rope hang'um high
>>                            hang'um high, Yeah! 
>>I believe that a better way to raise revenue... must 
>>be found, because... the present system is leading 
>>us right back to the very tyranny for which those who established this
>>land of freedom risked their lives, 
>>their fortunes, and their sacred honor to forever free themselves.
>>- T. Coleman Andrews, Foremer I.R.S. Commissioner
>" ... and the Truth Shall Set You Free!"
>			"Thou Shall Not Steal!"
>				... The Feds Don't Like the Competition.
>"The goal of the New World Order is to remove
>God from His throne and replace Him with
>power-seekers, who desire not freedom under God,
>but freedom from God" - Howard Phillips - May 1996 The Wanderer
>"To a very great degree, the people who fund the Republican
>party, the people who sit in its high councils, are people
>who profit from the internationalization of decision making
>and from the decline of the United States as an independent
>nation state."
>"Congress has disobeyed its duty under the Constitution to
>exercise all legislative authority. Congress instead has
>delegated policy setting to regulatory agencies, to the UN,
>to other institutions of the NWO, to the Federal Reserve,
>to the judiciary, to the civil service, to the non-profit
>sector, and to presidents, who have been permitted to govern
>by Executive Order." - Howard Phillips - June 1997 
>Looking for a Political party which is not Corrupt?
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> The Libertarian Party
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