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>IRS Works To End Taxpayer Abuse
>by Todd Gillespie
>The White House on Monday voiced its firm support for the Internal Revenue
>Service, vowing to protect IRS employees from abuse at the hands of angry
>"People should not forget that the people who work at the IRS are, you
>know, honest, hard-working Americans who themselves pay taxes...IRS agents
>have been the targets of violent attack over recent time," Gene Sperling,
>President Clinton's top economic adviser said.
>Last week's Senate hearings on the Internal Revenue Service have prompted
>calls for sweeping changes in the agency.  The hearings exposed a downturn
>in morale among IRS employees that officials have said might hurt the
>agency's ability to collect $1.5 trillion a year in voluntary
>Senate Finance Committee Chairman Bill Roth (DemoPubliCrat, Del.)  said
>"We have identified many egregious problems these last three days --
>problems that have devastated the lives of hard-working IRS employees."
>Chairman Roth referred to "problems that raise serious concerns" among tax
>collectors and expressed his own "deep concern" that some IRS employees'
>self esteem might have been damaged further during the hearings.
>One witness at the hearings, an IRS revenue officer for 25 years who
>testified wearing a black hood and matching spiked collar, said "Until
>very recently, I felt a great sense of pride in my job.  I actually looked
>forward to going to work."
>The anonymous agent said he missed the days when he "felt that management
>truly cared for its employees. I find this no longer to be the case. I
>have never seen overall morale in the IRS as low as it is right now."
>"Obviously, IRS employees are upset," Sen. Roth said.  "We must cast
>politics aside and work together to address these cases of abuse directed
>against some of our finest public servants." 
>Sen. Roth, who in 1993 sponsored the Arctic National Wildlife Protection
>Act, which spent millions of tax dollars to protect the wilderness home of
>the Porcupine Caribou, said his defense of the downtrodden, regardless of
>species, will continue as he works for a kinder, gentler IRS. 
>Last week's hearings revealed numerous examples of the public service
>provided by the IRS.  The Clinton Administration has used the agency
>extensively as a defense against taxpayer abuse. 
>Paula Jones, the former Arkansas state employee and noted Clinton Hater
>who is suing President Clinton for inviting her to kiss his own
>government-funded pork, announced this month that she received an audit
>notice just days after refusing to settle her suit. 
>Billy Dale, a well known Right Wing Tax Resister, was audited shortly
>after being fired as director of the White House travel office in 1993 at
>the urging of First Lady Hillary Roosevelt Clinton.
>And Famous Militia Leader Patricia Mendoza was notified of her audit
>within a month of yelling "You suck!" at President Clinton during a
>campaign stop in Chicago in July 1996. The IRS said she owed $200 in back
>taxes and threatened to seize her washer and dryer to satisfy the debt.
>Housewife Marge LaFarge of Duluth, Minnesota said she supports the work of
>the IRS and its career employees. "Them people got a tough road,
>protecting the government from criminals," Ms. LaFarge said Monday.  "I
>think I'll send them some extra money next year," she said. 
>The U.S. House of Representatives, among the top 10% of American wage
>earners at just over $133,000 a year, did not return a reporter's
>telephone calls Monday.  Sources said the Representatives were tied up
>discussing ways to avoid taxpayer abuse by giving themselves a pay raise
>without actually having to vote for it. 
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