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>                 Maybe His Dog Ate the Evidence
>By Cathy Leahy
>News reports trumpeted  last  week  that  Whitewater  independent
>counsel  Kenneth  Starr's office has issued subpoenas looking for
>information regarding any  contacts  the  Clinton  mob  had  with
>Clinton  friends  and  convicted felons, James and Susan McDougal
>and former deputy attorney general and now flaming felon, Webster
>Ahem.  Pardon me if I don't applaud.
>Didn't Mr. Starr get the green light by the Supreme Court to grab
>that  evidence  when  it  rejected  Hillary  Clinton's  claim  of
>attorney-client privilege with government lawyers back  in  June?
>Where's he been?  Doesn't he know that the shredding machine most
>likely went into overdrive the minute the court handed  down  its
>decision? Does he care?
>Throughout Mr. Starr's tenure  as  independent  counsel,  he  has
>repeatedly  charged  up  the hill with guns blazing, but he never
>comes back down. What's he doing up there?
>First, Mr. Starr reopened the investigation into  the  mysterious
>death  of  former  White House deputy counsel Vincent Foster, Jr.
>implying there were problems with his predecessor Robert  Fiske's
>investigation.   Three  years  and  many  leaks  of  "significant
>progress" later,  he decides to agree with Fiske afterall. As the
>kids say - what's up with that?
>Then there is the matter  of  Hillary's  Rose  Law  Firm  billing
>records about which Mr. Starr made a big stink.  Her fingerprints
>are all over them, they were  found  in  the  book  room  of  the
>residence,  no less. With much fanfare, he even called her before
>a grand jury so he could get her on perjury.  Hillary's  imminent
>indictment  was  the  talk of the town. Everyone was very hopeful
>that we could finally rid ourselves of the vermin that  disgraces
>the  presidency.   It  appeared  to  be  an open and shut case of
>illegal activity and what's happened? Nothing.
>Add to this mix  the  prima  facie  evidence  of  Clinton  and/or
>politicized  government  agency  stalking, tampering, harrassment
>and attempted bribery of eye witnesses to Clinton wrongdoing  and
>you have to start wondering what's going on.
>And what is Starr doing with  all  the  evidence  he's  gathered?
>Maybe his dog ate it. Maybe he has termites.
>I am reminded of a skit performed by the late great American  Red
>Skelton. He would take his hat and turn it upside down and put it
>on his head and assume the character of 5 year old Bobby. He told
>of how Bobby's mommy told him that he was soon to have a new baby
>brother or sister. So Bobby went to  school  and  excitedly  told
>everyone.  A few months later Bobby began to wonder where the new
>baby was.  He asked his mommy and she pointed to her stomach  and
>told  him  it  was  inside.   The  next day Bobby reported to his
>schoolmates that there would be no new baby. When they asked  him
>why, he said "Mommy ate him!"
>So that must be it. Mr. Starr  has  termites  and  they  ate  the
>evidence.  He's too ashamed to tell us that he was so busy trying
>to catch the White House hoodlums that  he  forgot  to  call  the
>exterminator. Uh-huh.
>In the meantime, the icy-eyed couple  still  occupy  the  highest
>office in the land unfettered by and unconcerned with the laws of
>the land and we can thank Mr. Starr  for  that.   It  will  be  a
>pleasant  surprise  if  Mr.  Starr  turns out to have had a grand
>strategy (that nobody could figure out) and  finally  brings  all
>criminals  to  justice  but  his  actions so far makes one wonder
>whether his exit--stage left--to Malibu may not have been  a  bad
>  Published in the Sep. 29, 1997 issue of The Washington Weekly
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